Social Gaming For Good

A growing league of people assumes that social gaming is just a waste of time. The fact is that there are millions of people that enjoy the thrill of social gaming with people from various corners of the world or in their own neighborhood. Social gaming has received a bad reputation, but things are about to change for the better because of DePaul University Students in Chicago. The goal is to raise awareness of mental illness and other health concerns.

Fighting Back
We’ve heard all the distressing stories about young teens that were bullied in schools by peers and even teachers. The bullying escalated to a point that pushed some of the students to contemplate suicide. The students at Deep Games Laboratory in DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media have their finger on the pulse of society and have discovered an innovative way to deal with bullying. They are working on a project that addresses this very important issue along with projects targeted at teaching people to overcome fear and anxiety, plus a project to help sickle cell patients stay healthy.

Healthy Games
People easily become far too addicted to some of the social media gaming platforms. Some state this is just an unhealthy waste of time for the individual. However, the hope is that the new social gaming project will produce very helpful and healthy social gaming play that will help thousands with mental health issues learn to cope with their problems. In addition, it should be noted that the games are free to play online.

The Luck of the Vikings!

As I walk to the refrigerator for another cold soda I glanced back at the television to see what the next play would be between the Vikings and Saints. I was ready to throw in the towel and settle down for a Sunday T.V. drama because the game was pretty much over. The Saints had turned the game around and were in the lead with only a few seconds left in the 4th quarter. Everyone in the room had made their mind up that the Vikings would be the next team to go home for the season. Until, the most prolific moment I had ever seen in NFL history was pulled off in the matter of seconds. Now, you could call it dumb luck but whatever you call it, it changed the Vikings to Super Bowl contenders when Keenum found Stefon Diggs and threw to a touchdown and won the game. Seen in the clip, it had become the biggest play of the night and of the playoffs this season. The Saints had just lost a game that they held in their hands comfortably, and all they needed was a few seconds to hold it together. I was in the living room full of people that stood still in shock, we couldn’t fathom what had just happened, literally in disbelief. From cheers to gasp, it was a moment in NFL history that won’t be soon forgotten.

How The Latest Star Wars Game Will Change Multiplayer VR

When most gamers think about what the future of virtual reality, they might imagine immersion beyond the audio-visual-based VR games we currently have. Some think the next step is to incorporate touch. Others may say there will be physical environments that change along with the game itself. Those thinking a bit outside the box could also add that specific features that add to the role playing aspect of multiplayer games through the medium. Those lukewarm about VR most likely want less disorientation in motion.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire at Downtown Disney’s Anaheim, CA location does exactly all of those things. Through several generations, Star Wars and Disney bring technological innovation in entertainment to the masses.

The 4-player shooter adventure begins with suiting up in the VR helmet and a vest that tracks movement and vibrates when taking damage. Players take hold of blaster shaped controllers. Seamlessly, the four are transported from Downtown Disney to a galaxy far, far away. They instantly become Rebels in Stormtrooper uniforms. The mission: infiltrate the Empire’s volcanic base on Mustafar and retrieve their data.

Most cracks where reality shines through is cleanly patched up. It’s perfect synchronicity that the vest and helmet make Disney-goers feel like they’re wearing Stormtrooper armor. The motion tracking is on point. The vibration feature and raising of the room temperature when the lava starts flowing in the game make it hyperreal. Virtual reality will change greatly the word spreads about Secrets of the Empire.

A Look At How Social Gaming Is Evolving

When you think of social gaming, what do you imagine? Social gaming often entails people playing online games where they interact with people such as in World of Warcraft. Online multiplayer games through the PlayStation or the Wii also let players compete against other people from distant corners of the world in video games. These games also have a chat function or another way to interact with each other.

Of course, one of the oldest forms of social gaming is merely adding controllers to a video game system and playing a multiplayer version mission or game on that gaming system. These kinds of social gaming avenues have been dominant. However, there is a new form of social gaming that is appearing.

A company called ESC games is developing social gaming that is targeting a new market. They are creating social games which don’t use your TV or computer, but a massive movie theater screen instead. Instead of a TV speaker or computer speaker, they have a professional audio and lighting system.

This kind of social gaming utilizes new technology and provides people the chance to experience what the company calls pick up games that are highly interactive, and that can accommodate more than the standard 2 or four people that social gaming elsewhere entails. Such new social gaming is described as being a sports arena of sorts. Instead of playing a pickup game of sports, people can play a pickup game of video games against many other players.

There are tournaments and prizes at these eSport arenas. Games are also highly interactive and can feature dozens of players that gaming consoles just cannot handle. This new kind of social gaming has not only been a hit among gamers, but it has attracted traditional non-gamers as well. It is good news for retailers looking to draw customers back to their shopping centers.

Magic the Gathering: Banned and Restricted List January 2018

As any Magic: The Gathering player knows, sometimes new released lines can add some cards to decks that are so powerful they can’t be beaten, or are rarely beaten, in tournament play. For this reason, Magic officials come together at different parts of the year to announce cards that are banned and restricted for tournament play. Often times these bans will force players using these cards to restructure their decks for more open and fair tournament play. However, with every Banned and Restricted announcement, some Magic fans will be left disappointed and in need of a restructure if they wish to continue playing their decks in tournament play.

The Restricted and Banned list on January 15th undoubtedly made both old school and new school players have to take a long hard look at the card set-up they were employing. Though the January B&R (as it is abbreviated) only took four cards away from players, these four had often been used to gather energy for some incredible attacks. Wizards of the Coast has said that since the release of the Ixalan line, they have been monitoring the new card’s effects on the standard play environment and has noticed that Temur Energy and Ramunap Red decks have dominated recent tournament battles.

In an effort to combat this trend, Wizards have announced that the ‘free energy cards’ Ramunap Ruins, and Attune with Aether, have been banned, along with creatures Rampaging Ferocidon, and Rouge Refiner. For a complete breakdown of why these cards have been banned, and past Banned and Restricted cards, visit

Impact of Social Media on Social Gaming

The global gaming industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $99.6 billion. The industry, which continues to grow with each passing year has been heavily impacted by social media. The latest gaming industry research indicates that at least half of all social media users play games that are available on social networking accounts on an occasional basis.

The statistics point to a trend where social media is actively driving, and controlling what is happening in the gaming industry. Below are ways in which social media has been changing the social gaming industry:

Instant Games Coupled with Increased Engagement

The fact that the human population is currently suffering from a severely diminished attention span is no longer a secret. Social media has been one of the largest contributors to this scenario. Social media has taught people to expect instant gratification in many of the things they take part in.

One of the ways that social networking has been able to impact social gaming is that social networking users now want their games to be instantly available. It is a case of here and now. And catching on this trend was Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites in the world.

Facebook recently launched a feature known as Instant Games on its platform. Instant Games is an HTML5 gaming experience that works across various platforms. It allows its users to play a broad array of games without having to install a new application on their machines. Even though many are yet to realize this, but cross-platform gaming is the future of social gaming.

The Social Gaming Scenes Gains an Audience

Social gaming has become a big deal all over the world. There’s nothing better than having access to other people that like to play the games that you play. For long time people have been playing against computers, but this has certainly gotten old. It is so much better and easier to have access to friends online that are interested in the social gaming scene. This is why many games have become popular. Many of the World of War and Minecraft games have become incredibly exciting because there are people around the world that are playing together.

The great thing about social gaming is that you do not have to know the person you play against. This does not have to be a friend that lives down the street or a friend from work. It is fine if you are able to connect with people that you know in person, but there are many people that would rather not know the people that they are playing against.

This increases the level of excitement. Many people that start off playing these strangers through social media gaming sites may actually connect with these people on a friendly level. Social gaming is definitely the concept that people are talking about right now when it comes to gaming. This concept has become incredibly popular because there are tons of people that have high-speed networks, and they have the ability to play online for endless amounts of time. There are also people that are interested in connecting with gamers through their phones.

The app stores for Apple and Google Play have a ton of free games that people will play on their phones in their spare time. The great thing about these games is that many of them allow you to play with multiple players.