Social Gaming

One of the biggest industries in video games today is social gaming. This is a trend that is here to stay. With all of the new technology that is available, this is a great way for players to interact with people around the world. Not only that, but you can start to learn different ways to play a game the right way. Over time, many people learn new tips and tricks on how to play their favorite games. If you want to have more fun in your gaming experience, social gaming is the way to go.



New Games


The video game industry is doing better than ever before. One of the things that a lot of people really enjoy about video games is interacting with others. At one time, video games were just a way to spend some free time by yourself. However, today video games are a great way to build social connections in a variety of areas. If you are ready to learn how to take your social life to a new level, this is one of the ways to do that. There are many people who are excited about trends within this industry, and social gaming is going to continue to drive that innovation.



Future Technology


The technology that is coming out in the future is one of the most important aspects to driving growth in this area. There are many people who are excited about the future of social gaming, and players of all ages are ready to see the upgrades.


Michigan Determines Social Gaming is Not Gambling

One of the biggest changes in the gaming industry over the past few years has been the increased amount of people that play online social games. Social gaming is any type of video gaming in which a player can play with, or against, another player online from anywhere in the world. The increased prevalence of social gaming has caught the eye of many different businesses and even some regulators. The social gaming industry received a big boost this past week when the state of Michigan declared that social gaming is definitely not a form of gambling by law.


To help combat online gambling and online fantasy sports gambling, Michigan is one of many states dad made it clearly illegal to win money or other prizes when playing a game online. On many common social media platforms, games can be played it for free. However, along with the free games players can also try to win additional prizes or free upgrades. Due to the potential to win additional prizes, some believe that this could technically constitute illegal gaming based on Michigan law.


After reviewing the situation a little bit more thoroughly, the Michigan House of Representatives determined that social gaming in its current form does not constitute illegal gambling. The main reason for this is that the providers of the games do not necessarily make money by providing access to the games. Instead, the games are often a form of advertisement and can help to boost revenue through hire website traffic.


Day 9 Going All the Way

In a recent Hearthstone tournament, Sean “Day9” Plott took his abilities to the limit as he won a crucial match. In a bout extending eight rounds, he used all the cards in his deck to vanquish his enemy. In Hearthstone, such a feat is usually reserved for the highest tiers of play. However, Day9’s unorthodox strategy proved successful as he grabbed a $500 prize for his efforts. Using a Priest mirror and newly founded Quest card, he outplayed his opponent in every single. Although randomness certainly played a factor in the victory, it also attested to his sheer will and determination to be the best. Experts and analysts who were watching described it as incredible and daunting. Chris “Flyman” Nguyen said, “a superb display of skill…my hands must have been shaking more than his.” His teammates acknowledged this fierce play and commended his mindset. He is well known for N’Zoth play and slow moves that bewilder everyone. Hearthstone is a game of luck, strategy, and quick reactions. Day9 has all of the above and more at his disposal. After signing a contract with Razer Gaming, his career skyrocketed to where he is today. In future years, look for Day9 to top the charts and have more of these ridiculous games. For now, watch the video and enjoy his moments of sheer brilliance. His deck manipulation and mirrors are some of the finest on the circuit.


Arcades were the Original Social Gaming Experience

The idea of social gaming was a very different concept in the early 1980s. Before people could enjoy a match over the internet and with a headset, people would have to meet up at the local arcade. The arcade was where people would meet friends and strangers in dark rooms with only neon signage and the dim glow of game screens to serve as light sources. One or two quarters was all that were required to play a game back then, rather than the $40-$60 price tag per game of today. Players would shoot villains or guide neurotic amphibians over busy roads and streams, often cooperatively.


The span of time between ’78 and ’83 is regarded as the golden era of arcade gaming. While many will recognize the title “Space Invaders,” that game gave way to “Centipede,” “Asteroids” and “Pac-Man.” While Space Invaders was such a hit that Japanese businesses would convert entirely to dedicated venues for the title, Pac-Man’s Japanese success caused a national shortage of ¥100 coins. Pac-Man enjoyed similar success in the United States and has garnered more than 10 billion quarters in profit since its genesis.


While the period of the mid-1980s was when home consoles began to gain strength, the newness of the “beat-’em-up” game genre ignited interest in the silver age of arcades. While titles like “Double Dragon” and ‘Final Fight” helped to staunch the bleeding loss of profits in arcades, arcade revenues from 1991 had dropped to nearly one-quarter of 1981’s earnings.