Social Gaming Developers Pay Attention to White House Meeting

On March 8, United States President Donald Trump sat down with Republican Senators, key leaders of the video game industry, and activists who wish to implement tighter restrictions on titles that feature violent content. Those who represented the video game industry included:

* Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick

* ZeniMax Media CEO Robert Altman

* Entertainment Software Association CEO Mike Gallagher

* Entertainment Software Rating Board CEO Patricia Vance

Bethesda Softworks, a renowned developer of online multiplayer games such as Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls, is one of the companies managed by ZeniMax Media. Take-Two Interactive is a major distributor of Rockstar Games, a studio that is mostly known for its controversial, best-selling titles such as the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series. GTA Online and the Rockstar Social Club are the among the most popular social gaming titles in 2018.

The White House meeting started with a viewing of a digital video compilation featuring graphically violent clips from PC games such as “The Evil Within,” “Call of Duty” and “Sniper Elite 4.” President Trump, who organized the meeting in the wake of the mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, rhetorically asked Republican Senators in attendance if the digital content shown was violent.

One of the Republican Senators at the meeting was Marco Rubio of Florida, a politician who has been previously groomed by his party as a future presidential candidate, Senator Rubio was lambasted at a meeting with survivors of the aforementioned massacre, which caused 17 deaths. He has been criticized for his apparent reticence in supporting gun control measures and for his insistence on enacting more censorship on the video game industry. This is hardly the first time the PC gaming and gun violence issue in the U.S. has been discussed at the highest political levels.

Unlike many other meetings organized by the embattled President Trump, this one was respectful, although neither side seemed to agree or yield. Other video game industry groups that did not attend the meeting issued strong statements of opposition, explaining that they were not willing to be scapegoats in the gun violence debate.

Although violence is more often associated with AAA games such as Sniper Elite, quite a few social gaming titles have been criticized for featuring violent content.

BlueBat Games To Step Up To The Plate To Develop More Games

It seems that at least one Canadian company is prepared to help create more social games for various casino properties. Their ambitions are very high, but that is why so many are excited for the possibilities that could come from these partnerships.

BlueBat Games is a Vancouver-based company that has struck deals with the Seminole and Hard Rock Casino locations in Canada to provide more social gaming for them. This could involve literally having people play over the Internet to earn coins and tokens as well as real money gambling.

There are some exciting new features that are expected to be developed by BlueBat Games according to reporting from This includes something known as the currency exchange. That is when a player exchanges coins or tokens that they win in a physical casino for the equivilent in the online casino.

Allowing players the opportunity to do that would create a seamless transfer between the real-world casinos and the properties that are hosted online. In both scenarios, the player is able to earn tokens and coins that are rewarding them for their gameplay. Essentially, everyone is a winner when it comes down to it with this.

BlueBat Games is happy to try to help push a more social aspect to casinos for their clients. That is something that casinos are increasingly having to turn to in order to attract younger clientale. The younger crowd simply does not enjoy just putting their money in a slot machine and watching it spin like older generations did. They want a more interactive experience, and that is what BlueBat Games is trying to provide to them.

Developers Discuss Experience With Facebook Instant Games

Some game developers took some time out to discuss their experience in developing games for Facebook and included the opportunities, challenges, and issues faced when doing so.

The Facebook game platform that they discussed is known as Facebook’s Instant games and is part of the social media’s sites offerings to almost two billion people who play the system.

The developers for Facebook Instant Games consider the platform to be unusual in that it is part of Facebook Messenger and is a relatively recent issuance by Facebook after only having been launched in November 2016. The platform allows users to challenge friends instantly and play using an HTML5 lets them instantly access these games on an easy to use web standard which allows them to use something other than apps, which can be bothersome to use and play with.

The use of HTML5 lets players enjoy these games even with a slow internet connection and lets game developers quickly build out a game without going to a third party developer site. Facebook has many partners in development including Zynga and Konami, but even smaller developers are interested in working through Facebook Instant Games because the interface allows for easy and accessible development, in addition to the legion of Facebook users.

Developers love the fact that there is no download needed on the interface and lets easy connections between players and the HTML5 option allows for a unique and dynamic product that third parties can change and let grow and change as time goes on.

While Facebook Instant games will never replace the high bandwidth games the hardcore gamers play, it is a great option for casual gamers who play via social media. Developers who are able to get in early feel as if they can build their own user base and generate future profits.

Entering Virtual Reality with Sony

Sony has issued an official statement declaring the company’s intent to enter the virtual reality industry. While virtual reality is becoming increasingly commonplace in this day and age, the corporation wants to create something new. They will cover all genres from games to visualizations to simulations. Without restriction to a certain subject, Sony will be able to create products for all audiences. Virtual reality is currently popular among young adults and thill seekers who like to watch their favorite games and shows on television. Sony wants to break this stereotype and make virtual reality accessible for the entire population. In addition, they will manufacture these products at incredibly affordable prices. The next generation is coming, and Sony is leading the charge.


With a strong background in televisions and monitors, Sony’s virtual reality will be high definition. In fact, they have plans to increase the number of pixels per square inch by nearly 25%. While this might not seem like a drastic change, it will alter how our eyes process the images on screen. Virtual reality will become a clearer, cleaner experience regardless of how far you are from the screen. Because we are dealing with motion pictures and cinematic entrances, every bit of quality counts. Furthermore, Sony wants to provide over 200 games on their very own online platform. With such a variety to choose from, clients will be able to indulge in reality in every shape and form. You won’t have to equip a messy set of goggles and face masks to experience this phenomenon. Sony is simplifying the process, and judging by past successes, they are off to a promising start. There will be no limitations on the quantity or storage that a user can control. Virtual reality is now officially in the hands of the viewer.


Social Gaming Developers Are Creating New Games

Social gaming has become a huge industry with millions of dollars being generated every year. Therefore, the industry as a whole is more competitive than it has ever been before. Many social gaming startups are coming out of the woodwork in an attempt to grab a piece of the market. However, there are only so many games that people are interested in playing. Many of the most popular games are already available to be played on a wide variety of social gaming sites. So how can a new company attract people to play games on their site? The answer to that question seems to be to create new games.


Companies that specialize in developing games for the social gaming industry need to do everything in their power to prevent their users from getting bored. If that happens, there is a good chance they will start to do their social gaming on a different site. Therefore, developers are constantly coming up with new games that fit into a wide variety of genres in an attempt to attract the largest possible audience. Some of these genres include games that involve social role playing, virtual villages, sport role playing and many different casino games.


Another reason why social gaming developers are desperate to keep their current users is the fact that most of the money in the industry is made through the sale of advertising. Needless to say, companies will not want to advertise their products on sites that are showing a drastic fall in users.