Parents and Online Gaming for Children

Online gaming is extremely popular. Children and adults alike can join in competition with others from around the world from the comforts of home. There are some precautions that parents need to take into consideration when their children are involved in online gaming. Parents need to monitor how long their children are playing and who they are playing and communicating with.

Parents can be proactive and use parental controls that exist on the most popular gaming systems. When Playstation 4 provides its newest update, there will be a feature that allows parents to set limits on their child’s play. Parents will be able to limit the total time the child plays per day. There will also be a way to set what hours the child can play. For instance, if the parent only wants the gaming console to be on from 4pm to 7pm, the parent can set that restriction into the system.

The Xbox One is a little more difficult. In order to set up controls on the system, parents need to create an email account with Microsoft that will allow them to create a user profile. Then the parent can set restrictions.

The Nintendo Switch system has a convenience that the others do not. It has a mobile app that lets parents set restrictions on online gaming.

In addition to time restrictions, parents may also want to include restrictions such as not allowing voice chat or text chat. Parents can also restrict the system from letting the child accept friend requests.

A New Social Gaming App Has Big Funding Dollars Behind It

Popular social gaming apps at the moment include Twitch and YouTube Gaming. These are popular places for people to watch some of their favorite gamers in the world do what they do best.

The phenomenon of watching other people game is something that has taken off as a late. People who are in the business of making money off of new technologies have definitely paid attention to the fact that people love watching others game. A couple of former Apple executives have decided to create their own social gaming app that would rival Twitch and other industry leaders.

They call their creation “Caffeine” and it has already received $46 million in initial funding says That is huge since most start-ups are just scrapping by to have any money in their coffers at the end of the day. People realize that this one is in a particularly good business with some very smart people standing behind it. They think it is a worthwhile investment.

The app has already boasted some big numbers in terms of popularity and subscribers. It probably has to do with the fact that the app is very user-friendly and makes it easy to navigate around to find just the people that you want to follow and watch them game.

This is something that could really revolutionize the social gaming atmosphere. Making life easier and easier for those who want to watch others play games is something that will surely translate to more and more people getting involved over time.

Wild Poker Is an Innovative Social Gaming App

There has been an explosion in popularity of social gaming apps recently. App developers are realizing that there is quite a bit of money to be made it the social gaming industry. Therefore, a wide variety of apps are being released on a regular basis. One of the most exciting of those apps is called Wild Poker. It is developed by Playtrex. It is the only social gaming app that the company is responsible for creating as of yet. Playtrex got started in 2016 and it is located in Israel.

Wild Poker was able to secure an endorsement deal with Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated boxer will appear in a future version of the game as both a presenter and a playable character. This is not your standard poker app. The game is different than other poker apps because it allows you to choose different animal characters as the game progresses. Each of these animals has a different special power that you can use to get an advantage over other people who are playing against you. Once you use the animal’s power, you will need to wait several hands until you can use it again.

It is unknown when Mayweather will begin appearing in new versions of Wild Poker. His partnership with Playtrex and Wild Poker was just recently announced. Therefore, it might take a while for the designers of the game to be able to integrate him into the game. It is also not known if the game will use his real voice.

New Gaming App Will Help Fight HIV Epidemic

A Filipino scientist has developed a gaming app that will help fight the HIV epidemic. The name of the app is the Battle in the Blood. It is a puzzle and combat game. Emmanuel Baja is a research associate of Clinical Epidemiology National Institute of Health of the University of the Phillippines-Mania. He stated that the aim of the game is to get rid of the stigma associated with HIV. He also wants to encourage more people to get tested.

Baja stated that one of the reasons that HIV is an epidemic in the Phillipines is because people refuse to get tested. People do not want to go to the clinic because they are afraid of the possible results. Baja wants people to know that HIV does not have to be a death sentence. There are a number of medications that can be used in order to treat it. People who take their medications are often able to live long, healthy life. HIV can be managed just like any other chronic disease.

Baja came up with the idea for the game. He collaborated with UP Manila from the Phillippines and the United Kingdom team from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Baja stated that people will have to beat 90 levels in order to beat the game. People can customize their character and make it male, female or transgender.

The Big Party For Pokemon Is Coming To Chicago

The Grant Park in Chicago is the site for a massive party as Niantic celebrates their first year of success with the Pokémon GO Fest. Trainers from all over the globe are expected to come and catch Pokémon. The Pokémon GO Fest is a way for Niantic to test an event in the real world for the first time. The day involves catch challenges which refers to windows of gameplay between the event players as well as everywhere else. The players located at the event will be trying to catch different types of Pokémon which will be the determining factors for their bonuses. This will include XP bonuses, Buddy distance bonuses, and extra Stardust. Players from all over the globe will attempt to catch as many of the Pokémon as they possibly can and this will determine the length of the bonuses. The big reward for the Pokémon Go Fest can only be achieved by unlocking the gold tier of the rewards.

Most of the activities at the park are expected and centered around a party for Pokémon. The spawns on all different types of Pokémon will be increased and there will be a Pokéstop-dotted Pokéwalk and special Eggs. The indications are strong that the players will be able to access regional exclusives from all over the world including the exclusive Heracross from South America. There will be corporate sponsorship, team lounges, food trucks, and a lot of fun for everyone. Alcohol will not be allowed on the site proper. For more details about the Pokémon GO Fest please visit

The main event involves a raid against a Legendary Pokémon and all the trainers will participate. This will be the most powerful Pokémon in the game. The Legendary Raids will be disbursed to the world the very next day. Although all the mechanics are not yet clear this will be an event to remember.

Developers Discuss Experience With Facebook Instant Games

Some game developers took some time out to discuss their experience in developing games for Facebook and included the opportunities, challenges, and issues faced when doing so.

The Facebook game platform that they discussed is known as Facebook’s Instant games and is part of the social media’s sites offerings to almost two billion people who play the system.

The developers for Facebook Instant Games consider the platform to be unusual in that it is part of Facebook Messenger and is a relatively recent issuance by Facebook after only having been launched in November 2016. The platform allows users to challenge friends instantly and play using an HTML5 lets them instantly access these games on an easy to use web standard which allows them to use something other than apps, which can be bothersome to use and play with.

The use of HTML5 lets players enjoy these games even with a slow internet connection and lets game developers quickly build out a game without going to a third party developer site. Facebook has many partners in development including Zynga and Konami, but even smaller developers are interested in working through Facebook Instant Games because the interface allows for easy and accessible development, in addition to the legion of Facebook users.

Developers love the fact that there is no download needed on the interface and lets easy connections between players and the HTML5 option allows for a unique and dynamic product that third parties can change and let grow and change as time goes on.

While Facebook Instant games will never replace the high bandwidth games the hardcore gamers play, it is a great option for casual gamers who play via social media. Developers who are able to get in early feel as if they can build their own user base and generate future profits.

Pokemon Go Launches First Official Live Event

The team at Niantic, developers of ‘Pokemon Go’, have been getting increasingly busy over the past several months. Pokemon Go is the mobile social augmented reality game sweeping the nation. After a strong launch last Summer and a rocky interim it looks like things are finally trending upward again. Right now Niantic is preparing their game for the first ever Pokemon Go Fest. Tickets are for sale for the event and fans are already snagging them up. The first round of ticket sales sold out in a stunning 15 minutes after launch.

The Pokemon Go Fest will be held at Grant Park in Chicago on July 22nd. The event, which lasts all day, will be filled with challenges and in game rewards. Rewards haven’t specifically been announced outside of a special gym medal and Niantic has gone on record to assure fans who can’t make it that the rewards will also be available at a later date for everyone else. With fans buying out all of the tickets right away, in anticipation of huge rewards, resale has gone up on tickets to make them worth nearly $300. With the success of this first event already in the books, we anticipate more events in the future.

Outside of the actual events going on at Grant Park, Niantic also announced that they will be showcasing a livestream on the official Pokemon Go Twitch channel. The stream will go live at 10 AM CST on the day of the event and it will air until 7PM CST. Fans who want to get to the festival but can’t make it will want to definitely tune in during the stream. There are rumors that legendary Pokemon might be making an appearance at the event and if that happens then you definitely won’t want to miss it.q

Social Gaming No Longer An All White Male Club

There is something happening in the South African online gaming scene. Namely, the types of people who are playing these games is changing drastically. It used to be the playground for just white male players. They enjoyed the games and they liked to make often racist or sexist comments about other players and other people in general. That is now starting to change.


The Huffington Post did a piece about how social gaming is changing in South Africa in that is becoming something done by a wider segment of society. People are also starting to talk about these issues which have been long festering just beneath the surface. They want to have a discussion about them in order to air them out in the open and make sure that something is done to reverse the problems that are often seen in the gaming world.


It can be frustrating to see people talking the way that they do sometimes on these games, but that just means that other people need to say something. Now they are starting to do so.


While this may seem like a very small win and perhaps one that does not even matter all that much, that is simply not the case. Just the fact that certain issues like this are coming to the forefront is a huge deal. It was not that long ago that people felt afraid to express their feelings about these things. Now, they feel emboldened to do so. It is one step in the direction of progress, and people are feeling good about it.



Social Gaming

One of the biggest industries in video games today is social gaming. This is a trend that is here to stay. With all of the new technology that is available, this is a great way for players to interact with people around the world. Not only that, but you can start to learn different ways to play a game the right way. Over time, many people learn new tips and tricks on how to play their favorite games. If you want to have more fun in your gaming experience, social gaming is the way to go.



New Games


The video game industry is doing better than ever before. One of the things that a lot of people really enjoy about video games is interacting with others. At one time, video games were just a way to spend some free time by yourself. However, today video games are a great way to build social connections in a variety of areas. If you are ready to learn how to take your social life to a new level, this is one of the ways to do that. There are many people who are excited about trends within this industry, and social gaming is going to continue to drive that innovation.



Future Technology


The technology that is coming out in the future is one of the most important aspects to driving growth in this area. There are many people who are excited about the future of social gaming, and players of all ages are ready to see the upgrades.


Faker Cements a Dominating Legacy

SKT T1 Faker recently competed in the mid season invitational for League of Legends and led his team to an incredibly victory over G2 Esports. Facing off against G2 Perkz in the mid lane, he used wave manipulation and effective last hitting to gain a strong advantage. After the overall 3-1 victory, Faker became the first League of Legends player to win over $1 million from competition. However, his earnings amount to far more than this number. SKT pays him an annual salary of over $5 million in addition to revenue gained by streaming on Twitch. Not only is he one of the most skilled players in the world, but he is also the wealthiest. His coach Kkoma commented on his legacy. “Faker…the greatest of all time. He deserves praise, money, and a reputation as the most fearsome mid in the world.” Faker joins other eSports legends that have accumulated such a massive revenue. Although he has found a huge amount of success, Faker says that competition is not about the money for him. He enjoys the game and enjoys the way that the industry has evolved. Faker has since headed back to Korea to prepare for the LCK summer split. The SKT lineup is one of the most dominant, and at the upcoming world championships, they will be looking to prove themselves once again. For now, Faker can relax with $1 million and an enormous amount of pride.