The Newest Social Games for 2016

Are you a social media gamer who wants to know what’s up for the coming year? The newest mobile games may be hard to stop playing. There’s a lot in store! Below, we’ve outlined the trends in social gaming that you can expect for the rest of 2016 and the coming 2017.


  1. Mini games are going to get big.


Mini games are becoming popular because the fatigue associated with some games is on the rise, and users are not happy about it. You can play small games within the apps that are already on your phone for just a few minutes and reap the satisfaction of going up a level. If you do want to play more, mini games will offer extra bonus rounds and hidden challenges for those who want them.


  1. Branding will be increasingly popular.


If you’d like to endorse a game of your own for the social gaming world, this is becoming a big trend as well. User acquisition costs have been getting increasingly high, and many games are scrambling to find ways of lowering costs for better market possibilities.


  1. Better graphics are on their way.


Finally, you already knew that graphics would be on this list. Every year, graphics for both console and mobile social games get better, and this year is no exception. Not only will you see improved graphics overall, but the whole experience will be easier to peruse. 3D capabilities may come into play with some of the newer games played on newer phone models as well. You’ll have less freezing and less crashing as well, which we’re all looking forward to.