Hard Rock Cafe Debuts Online Social Casinos

Earlier this week, Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta City, GA announced its official debut of its new social casino gaming services, expanding the gambling offerings available to its customers.

The online games will be accessible from customers’ mobile and desktop devices and will provide access to the casino’s more popular games including, Blackjack, Roulette, Rawhide as well as many of Hard Rock’s other popular games.

Offering free play and easy navigation, the new social gaming services will also enable tournament matches and competition with other gamblers logged into the site from any location.

Gaming services will be sourced by Greentube Pro, provider of the private social casino services platform.

Specific offerings made available through the business arrangement between Hard Rock and Greentube include incentivizing players for extended online play, giving players the option to select from which of the Hard Rock locations they will play from and allowing gamblers to exchange their rewards points for online tokens.

Social gaming revenues reached $1.68 billion within US markets during 2017, with $76 million being generated by online social poker globally.

Social casinos represent 4 percent of the online gaming market. Web-based casino providers have increased interest in their online gambling by offering additional services such as live dealers and real time video feeds through social services such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook Live, which are designed to make the experience seem more realistic.

Available at hardrocksocialcasino.com, Hard Rock’s games will also be giving rewards account holders the option to earn points through their online gambling.

Emerging Technology iCash on Revolutionizing Social Gaming

Social gaming involves playing games online that enhance social interaction among players. The games may include card games, social network games, board games, and multiplayer video games. Social games are some of the most popular leisure activities and are great for bonding as well as improving problem-solving skills, coordination, and memory. The social gaming industry is increasing developing with a turnover of over 12 billion dollars in 2017, and the market volume of social games developers in the United States is estimated to surpass 9 billion U.S. dollars.

The gaming industry is, therefore, seeing a lot of innovations and the trend is increasing tremendously. For instance, Faceoff, a social gaming site is planning to allow its consumers to test each other using matchups that will be based on the outcomes of their favorite sports team competitions starting December. If you are a sports fanatic and support either NBA, MLB, NFL or UFC, I can imagine you can’t wait for FaceOff to kick start this.

There will be cash prizes awarded for skill-based competitions. According to the company CEO, Rich Roberts, there exists an untapped global market opportunity that can offer a platform for users to engage in e-sports and peer-to-peer sports. The company will mobilize everyone who is passionate about sports and enjoys challenging friends and family with skill-based games. FaceOff plans to make use of iCash and block chain technologies to roll the strategy.

One can only imagine the growth that will happen in social gaming with the iCash emerging technology.

Social Casino Games Are Getting More Popular

There is a very good chance that you know several people who play social casino games on a regular basis. This is because they are getting more popular every day. The amount of money around the world that was generated by social casino games in 2016 was $3.7 billion. Industry experts feel that this number is only going to rise in 2017. There is an estimate that the industry will see a growth in the neighborhood of seven percent. In these games, real money is used by the player to buy virtual currency that can be used to play the various casino games.


The increase in the popularity of social casino games is a direct result of so many people having smartphones and other mobile devices that can be used to play these games. Also, many of the games can be played in a very short period of time. This means that people can play them in the office, during their lunch break or between classes. The convenience of social casino games is part of their massive appeal. Many people simply do not have the time in their schedule to devote many hours to playing a console game that could take them several weeks to complete. However, social casino games can be finished in a matter of minutes.


Many new game developers are jumping into the fray to attract the casinos that are paying for these games to be made. The social casino game industry is exploding right now with no end to the growth in sight. It remains to be seen how long this will last. However, the casino games have a massive appeal that spans all age groups. This is another advantage that that casinos have. There are many video game genres that only appeal to the youth market. That is simply not the case where social casino games are concerned. People who are very old like the fun of playing these games in their spare time.