Hard Rock Cafe Debuts Online Social Casinos

Earlier this week, Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta City, GA announced its official debut of its new social casino gaming services, expanding the gambling offerings available to its customers.

The online games will be accessible from customers’ mobile and desktop devices and will provide access to the casino’s more popular games including, Blackjack, Roulette, Rawhide as well as many of Hard Rock’s other popular games.

Offering free play and easy navigation, the new social gaming services will also enable tournament matches and competition with other gamblers logged into the site from any location.

Gaming services will be sourced by Greentube Pro, provider of the private social casino services platform.

Specific offerings made available through the business arrangement between Hard Rock and Greentube include incentivizing players for extended online play, giving players the option to select from which of the Hard Rock locations they will play from and allowing gamblers to exchange their rewards points for online tokens.

Social gaming revenues reached $1.68 billion within US markets during 2017, with $76 million being generated by online social poker globally.

Social casinos represent 4 percent of the online gaming market. Web-based casino providers have increased interest in their online gambling by offering additional services such as live dealers and real time video feeds through social services such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook Live, which are designed to make the experience seem more realistic.

Available at hardrocksocialcasino.com, Hard Rock’s games will also be giving rewards account holders the option to earn points through their online gambling.

Sega Releases New Social Casino Game

Sega is a company that hasn’t been heard of much in gaming news lately, but things might be changing for them as they’ve made the move to enter the lucrative mobile social gaming market. The company has recently released a new casino game app called Sega Slots.

The game features some of their most famous characters, like Sonic the Hedgehog and puts them in a Vegas-style slot environment that is quite unique. For now, the game has eight different slot machines that mobile gamers can enjoy. Players start by playing one machine, then earning points to unlock the rest. There are various interesting features in the game, such as a multiplayer mode that gives gamers the chance to compete against their friends. While some may find the offering of just eight slots to be a bit limited compared to other mobile games in the casino genre, Sega has announced plans to add new virtual slot machines and other content to the app in the future.

For Sega, entering the casino games market isn’t actually something new, but more of a throwback in time. Back in the 1950s, the company produced a wide range of slot machines that were in use across various gaming establishments.

Whether Sega Slots will be a success remains to be seen. In order to capture the attention of mobile gamers, Sega will need to compete with many established games that are topping the charts in the casino games category across mobile app stores.