OneLogin Makes Waves in 2017

OneLogin, founded in 2009, is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) provider located in San Francisco, CA. OneLogin provides Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) products like Single Sign-On, Cloud Directory, User Provisioning, to name a few. Supporting over 2,000 global customers, OneLogin integrates with multiple cloud applications through Open Source SAML Toolkits. Most notably, Zendesk, Workplace by Facebook, Twitter, and Airbus.

2017 was a busy year for OneLogin, winning awards and recognition, announcing a new CEO, providing upgraded service offers, securing new customers, and continuing to exceed the expectations of their existing customers.

Adding to their growing collection of awards as a great place for employees, OneLogin was recognized one of Fortune Magazine’s 10 Best Small Workplaces in the Bay Area. According to the Fortune Magazine’s review, employees say “I consider my direct boss and other members of the management and executive team to be my very close friends. I completely trust them with career advice and suggestions, and they’re a part of my personal life. It is a great feeling to know that the people I come to work for everyday have my best interests at heart.”

In August 2017, OneLogin announced a new CEO, Brad Brooks, bringing more than 25 years of experience to the organization. Brad Brooks is an industry visionary with a results-driven track record across multiple areas of the business. Shortly after joining the company, he welcomed Airbus, a world leader in aerospace products, services and solutions to the organization’s growing global customer base. Continuing with the customer-centric trend, OneLogin added 14 new customer stories in 2017, showcasing how their services have helped organizations implement scalable, integrated cloud enterprise solutions.

Improvements to web-access management, the OneLogin Portal, and their multi-factor authentication functionality were also integral to OneLogin’s growth in 2017. In April OneLogin got the attention of Gartner IAM 2017 as one of the hottest topics of discussion with their machine learning powered Adaptive Authentication technology. Machine learning was also used to improve the OneLogin Portal to increase user app access through flexible searching and frequently used apps. Lastly, OneLogin WAM (web-access management) was enhanced to allow organizations to continue to use legacy apps next to SaaS apps smoothly and securely.

OneLogin continues to make waves as an industry leader in cloud-based identity and access management, providing Identity-as-a-Service to thousands of global customers.

Integration Indeed: OneLogin’s New Solutions for Data Management

In recent news, Envoy has recently integrated with OneLogin to provide a customer experience far better than the present one. It appears that the integration was no less a solid, lasting success since its first implementations last July. To keep all user data hassle-free was always the goal, and it seems both companies delivered on their original promises this time around – as they usually have been known to do. OneLogin has always sought its own means of collaborating with strategic ISV partners to only produce the best results at a quicker turnover rate than presently, and this time, it’s efforts were once again a shining success and example of all that the company is capable of.

OneLogin’s uniquely tandem approach to leadership was recently considered a contributing factor to the latest success, and the company was also praised for its undying commitments to leadership, innovation, customer success and overall business excellence in every area. OneLogin and Envoy see many bright days ahead and a continued partnership that is soon to soar beyond control; we will see what comes of all this in days to come. The presidents of both companies await with eager anticipation.

SCIM User Provisioning Integration was what took place here, and both parties fully knew and consented beforehand. Not all top IT divisions have the resources, manpower, brainpower or drive for innovation to make this possible as it requires a major collateral contribution from two or more parties. However, OneCloud and Envoy were able to make it happen since they worked together. Envoy and OneLogin are both based in San Francisco, where their respective CEOs and executive teams both rightfully reside.

Envoy primarily creates software that allows for multiple users of its many platforms to simultaneously sign in from various systems while accessing some of the most thorough integration functions, and it’s all thanks to the recent merger. Digital NDAs are included as well and are a core component not to be forgotten: Most work performed on the tablets, iPads and eReaders are of this nature. Envoy thus promotes productivity and security through its latest acquisitions.