Giving Cancer Patients Hope-Seattle Genetics thanks to Clay Siegall

Cancer has been a menace in the world in the recent years, and scientist, as well as the medical researchers, have been studying for years on the therapy that will be of help to the cancer patients. Seattle Genetics is a Biotechnology company that has been in the forefront of manufacturing as well as commercializing of therapies used for cancer treatment.

Seattle is described as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry which majorly deals in antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), this is an antibody drug that is intended to connect the pursuing ability of monoclonal antibodies that are meant to distribute cell-killing agents straight to the cancer cell. The drug is intended not to spoil the non-targeted cells and therefore to protect the cancer patient from chemotherapy effects.

Seattle Genetics has its Headquarters in Bothell Washington. The pharmaceutics organization has a new product Adcetris which they describe as the new class of ADC, and it has cooperated with Tekada Pharmaceutical Company, and it has distributed the drug to more than 65 countries worldwide. Clay Siegall has goals to expand their new drug to help more cancer patients; it has been conducting a wide range of clinical advancement program to assist in the evaluation possibility of the drug for treatment of lymphomas cancer including Hodgkin Lymphomas, B-cell Lymphomas, Cutaneous T-cell as well as mature T-cell lymphomas. The collaboration with Tekada has enabled Seattle to fully possess commercializing rights in countries including Canada, and the United States while Tekada has special rights to distribute the drug in all other countries.

Seattle has plans to advance the ADC drug to SGN-CD3AA which is known as the Pivotal phase three program as well as AD C’s integral part of cancer in the future to assist cancer patients. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by Siegall as the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer. Siegall is also the President and the Chairman of the Board. Dr. Siegall has an experience of so many years in the medical field, and he is a scientist by professional where his primary target is the cancer therapies. The primary reason for founding Seattle Genetics was to conduct rigorous research, innovation as well as the development of drugs with the aim of assisting cancer patients.