Pro Flag Football the Game Defining 2018

Pro Flag Football is an online game that resembles the National Football League (NFL). The league in this game has two teams only. Both teams are led by former NFL players Mike Vick and Terrell Owen. In case a person bobbles the throw-off, the game does not allow kicking; this will end the game. The 14 players in the field stop playing when founder of the game, Jeffery Lewis, shouts ‘dead.’

The game is still in initial stage since some problems being experienced in the game are yet to be resolved. The flags in the game, for instance, use magnets and wireless radios. This poses a problem since the referee cannot locate the exact position the ballcarrier went. The magnets have poor grip in the course of the vinyl on the flag. The field in the game looks to be in confusion.

The game has however, wonderful features. The broadcasting team is excellent and well positioned. The game has also been to present the virtual first-down line in place. The “Go Clock”, responsible for counting the four seconds until quarterback, works efficiently. Players will be able to watch replays from all angles of the field. The game also displays every emotions happening during the game since there are no helmets or pads blocking the view.

The development of this game required a lot of input from its developers. The developer spent nine months constructing the AFFL. This included lining up investments, coming up with rules of the game, looking for suitable players, and finding broadcasters. Currently, the league can only accommodate two teams to participate. According to Lewis, the league offers a better platform than NFL since the game is faster, safer, and accommodates the social media. The league will be launched next year during the Flag Football US Open.