Social Gaming And Poker

There is a new place for some people who have never been introduced to the game of poker in the past to learn about it. There is a free app that people can play poker on known as Wild Poker. They put their game out there as a way to let people experience the thrill of poker without wagering any of their real money.

This company has been fortunate enough to now land the backing of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. With his support at their back, they can now start to reach even more people than they might otherwise have been able to. Mayweather is reported to have said that he is asked to have his name associated with all kinds of products, but that when he saw what Wild Poker was all about, he could not resist this offer.

Players of this social game get points by playing poker well. They go through various missions and accomplish new goals with each level. As they climb up higher in the rankings, they unlock cool features such as new characters. It is an overall exciting and rewarding experience. Best of all, those who are not comfortable with wagering real money can still enjoy poker as it is meant to be.

This is the new age of social gaming, and many players are lining up to take their seat at the table. It is quite frankly just about the easiest way to get involved with the game. It brings a whole new group of prospective players into the game.