Niantic Struggles With New Pokemon Go Weather System

Fans all around the world were excited to see Niantic introduce a slew of new changes to the fundamental core of the Pokemon Go experience. Among those huge changes, we saw the introduction of a weather system. The weather system introduced by Niantic was developed in order to provide variety for players while adding a dose of realism. When it rains, certain Pokemon would appear. When it snowed or was really hot, different Pokemon would appear. The system would also provide certain Pokemon with element boosts in certain weather conditions. Despite the strength of the concept, Niantic is already seeing some real problems with the system.

Augmented reality is supposed to give players the chance to live out their gaming fantasies. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets a little bit too real and as a result, Niantic has to help gamers keep themselves from getting hurt. With the new weather system in play, Niantic was rightly concerned about the potential for danger if players tried to go out and play in severe weather. That is why Niantic created a system that would prevent players from actually playing if the weather was considered severe.

The new Niantic weather system prevents players from playing when the weather is considered ‘extreme’. When the weather is considered extreme an alert will come up that stops players from going about their gaming duties. If the weather dips below freezing or if severe storms are caught in the area, there will be a stoppage of play. Is Niantic being too cautious or is this merely good business?

Niantic Bringing Massive Updates to Pokemon Go

It was recently announced that the team at Niantic Labs was working on expanding their library of augmented reality titles with the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. While the news was met with an almost universal cheer, who wouldn’t want to play a wizard in real life, fans of Pokemon Go were notably upset. Would Niantic be shifting their focus and money to a completely new title, only to leave last year’s hottest release by the wayside? As it turns out, Niantic has extensive plans to bring Pokemon Go into the future with some major updates that could change the functionality and fanbase of the game — in a good way.

Niantic was recently in the news not only for the Wizards Unite release announcement but their successful round of Series B investing that came afterward. Niantic raised nearly $200 million in additional funding through this avenue from companies like Javelin Venture Partners, NetEase, Meritech and Spark Capital. While it is correct to think that this money will go toward getting Wizards Unite off of the ground, a more probable notion is that the money will be pushed toward improving and expanding upon the strong foundation that Pokemon Go has built over the past year or so. Megan Quinn of Spark Capital said, “We believe John Hanke & the team are building an incredibly important company at the intersection of AR and real-world location.”

This investment news comes at the same time that Niantic made legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh available throughout the world via their raid program. Niantic said during the announcement, “Collectively, you caught over 3 billion Pokemon during the Global Catch Challenge, unlocking some amazing rewards along the way.” Niantic’s announcement goes on to say, “Ho-Oh is now appearing in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world until December 12, 2017.”

Right now, fans can take advantage of a bunch of new products for sale in the Pokemon Go store that can be acquired for PokeCoins. Among these items is the Special Box which includes Super Incubators, premium raid passes, and lucky eggs.

‘Pokemon Go’ Continues Resurgent Year With Major Halloween Event

The developers at Niantic, creators of the social mobile game ‘Pokemon Go’, have been working overtime in recent months to repair their image and bring about some momentum to close out the year. ‘Pokemon Go’ had been under fire in late Summer when the team at Niantic failed to plan properly for the very first, large ‘Pokemon Go Fest’ in Chicago. The event was so bad that people actually considered filing a class action lawsuit. However, things seem to be on a smoother path and fans have to be happy with how the latest event, a Halloween themed event, has played out.

Fans who managed to get out and about to play on ‘Halloween’ were greeted by a small update to showcase the final legs of Niantic’s Halloween themed event. Chief among these updates was the release of a Shiny Shuppet, which allowed Trainers to capture an alternative version of the popular dark-type Pokemon. Shuppet’s are conventionally gray in color while the shiny version is actually a more off-white. This likely will be the only time that fans get the chance to capture a shiny Shuppet so it was a special moment for collectors of rare Pokemon. Fans were also given the opportunity to chase to acquire a shiny Banette which went from dark gray to teal in color.

The Halloween event started on October 20th and it will be running through November 2nd. Fans around the world are able to earn both extra candy and increased opportunities for special dark and ghost type Pokemon. Niantic also released special themed boxes through the in-game shop which will give trainers access to more Super Incubators and Raid Passes. Fans who actively update their trainer avatar will be pleased to see a couple of new clothing options available for free through their clothing selection.

The Big Party For Pokemon Is Coming To Chicago

The Grant Park in Chicago is the site for a massive party as Niantic celebrates their first year of success with the Pokémon GO Fest. Trainers from all over the globe are expected to come and catch Pokémon. The Pokémon GO Fest is a way for Niantic to test an event in the real world for the first time. The day involves catch challenges which refers to windows of gameplay between the event players as well as everywhere else. The players located at the event will be trying to catch different types of Pokémon which will be the determining factors for their bonuses. This will include XP bonuses, Buddy distance bonuses, and extra Stardust. Players from all over the globe will attempt to catch as many of the Pokémon as they possibly can and this will determine the length of the bonuses. The big reward for the Pokémon Go Fest can only be achieved by unlocking the gold tier of the rewards.

Most of the activities at the park are expected and centered around a party for Pokémon. The spawns on all different types of Pokémon will be increased and there will be a Pokéstop-dotted Pokéwalk and special Eggs. The indications are strong that the players will be able to access regional exclusives from all over the world including the exclusive Heracross from South America. There will be corporate sponsorship, team lounges, food trucks, and a lot of fun for everyone. Alcohol will not be allowed on the site proper. For more details about the Pokémon GO Fest please visit

The main event involves a raid against a Legendary Pokémon and all the trainers will participate. This will be the most powerful Pokémon in the game. The Legendary Raids will be disbursed to the world the very next day. Although all the mechanics are not yet clear this will be an event to remember.

Pokemon Go Launches First Official Live Event

The team at Niantic, developers of ‘Pokemon Go’, have been getting increasingly busy over the past several months. Pokemon Go is the mobile social augmented reality game sweeping the nation. After a strong launch last Summer and a rocky interim it looks like things are finally trending upward again. Right now Niantic is preparing their game for the first ever Pokemon Go Fest. Tickets are for sale for the event and fans are already snagging them up. The first round of ticket sales sold out in a stunning 15 minutes after launch.

The Pokemon Go Fest will be held at Grant Park in Chicago on July 22nd. The event, which lasts all day, will be filled with challenges and in game rewards. Rewards haven’t specifically been announced outside of a special gym medal and Niantic has gone on record to assure fans who can’t make it that the rewards will also be available at a later date for everyone else. With fans buying out all of the tickets right away, in anticipation of huge rewards, resale has gone up on tickets to make them worth nearly $300. With the success of this first event already in the books, we anticipate more events in the future.

Outside of the actual events going on at Grant Park, Niantic also announced that they will be showcasing a livestream on the official Pokemon Go Twitch channel. The stream will go live at 10 AM CST on the day of the event and it will air until 7PM CST. Fans who want to get to the festival but can’t make it will want to definitely tune in during the stream. There are rumors that legendary Pokemon might be making an appearance at the event and if that happens then you definitely won’t want to miss it.q

A New Pokemon Game Promises Great Things For Social Gaming Via Smartphone

Most of us can remember the hype of Pokemon Go when it was a big thing on smartphones. Now, there is a new game that is starting to get people talking once again. It is a game also made for smartphones and it is also a Pokemon game. This one according to reporting from is currently in beta testing in Japan but signs are promising that it will spread to the rest of the world soon.


The game is not going to be a follow-up to the Pokemon Go game. Rather, this one is more about battling the various monsters against one another in a variety of levels to be enjoyed. It is in beta testing on Android devices in Japan where the first 15 levels have been made available to those beta testers. That is 15 levels out of a reported 52 levels that will be available in the full version.


The first 10,000 people to download the app got to try out the beta version and so there are 10,000 people out there right now who know a little about what this game will be like and if it is any fun or not.


Beta testing was scheduled to end on June 9th, so assuming that this went well it will only be a matter of weeks before the full game is available to people in Japan. From there it may take just a little more time to get the entire game available to everyone in the world via their smartphones. It is entirely possible that in just a very short period of time we will all be talking about this new Pokemon game and how great it is.


It will be hard to overtake the popularity of the Pokemon Go game, but there are some signs that this game will be popular with the same crowd who liked that earlier game. It is after all still a Pokemon game, and those seem to be popular almost no matter what.


Visitors to Chernobyl Can Now Play Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, the immensely popular mobile installment of the widely-beloved Pokémon franchise, has conquered the world. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Go utilizes the natural networking capabilities offered by mobile devices to enable players to interact with Pokémon in real geographical locations.


As a result, the Pokémon experience is now more immersive and realistic than ever. You can catch, train, and collect the eponymous fantasy creatures in every country around the globe. Whether you’re in a restaurant, department store, or public park, you can expect to see at least one person whipping out their phone to periodically check for unique and rare Pokémon.


Pokémon Go fever is now spreading to even the most remote locations on the planet. Visitors to the Chernobyl exclusion zone report that the area is positively packed with gyms and Pokéstops, the two types of digital landmark that are most integral to the mobile application’s game play. The 1986 site of a catastrophic nuclear disaster, the 10 kilometer radius surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant is now one of the most starkly unpopulated human-developed areas in the world, which is what makes its status as a Pokémon haven so unexpected and slightly eerie.


Anyone who wants to experience this phenomenon for themselves can do so by participating in one of the many Chernobyl tours and visitor experiences that have popped up in the last couple of years. Thankfully, Pokémon do not spawn in the still hazardous center of the exclusion zone, so safety won’t be an issue.


Should You Quit Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has been one of the most popular social games for the last few months, but if you’ve been playing it, is it actually time to quit? Many people play social games just for fun or sometimes to stay connected to friends and family, and it’s usually not a problem for productivity either. Pokémon Go can be super fun to do with your kids or even to stay connected to someone across the world.


But there are also quite a number of problems and issues with Pokémon Go, and if you’ve been considering quitting this popular game, you’re not alone. Let’s check out why you might want to rethink these games.


It’s one huge glitch a lot of the time.


First, can you say glitchy? It freezes or crashes half the time that you’re playing it, and it’s hard to get anything done with this happens.


It’s getting old.


Next, it’s sort of annoying to be playing this game when so many people have dropped out already. Who wants to play a social game by themselves?


It’s not something that you can use to kill some spare time.


This is a game that certainly takes dedication. You can’t just go around playing Pokémon Go for five minutes here or ten minutes there. You need to be actively searching those little dudes, and this takes at least thirty minutes of free time.


It’s hard to do outside when it’s cold,


Finally, this is a game to play in the part, on a trail or when walking down a shopping district street. It’s not really an easy game to play when you’re bundled up and waddling through the snow.


News Alert–Is Pokemon Go’s Death Imminent?

According to a Huffington Post news article penned by Steven Schkolne, the demise of Pokemon GO may be imminent. Should this event become a reality, cause of death is predicted to be attributed to ARG gaming usage of a real-world platform versus holding a console and pushing buttons to play a game.


During the week following Pokemon’s initial release on July 6, 2016, an estimated 10 million app downloads occurred. Statistics reveal that not only did this beat the record for overall app downloading, but Pokemon holds the record for reaching #1 on Apps Chart sooner than any other app.


Unfortunately, by August 2016, Pokemon’s daily users had dwindled from 45 million in July to 30 million. According to Sensor Tower, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat began to breath a sigh of relief since their statistics indicated not as many of their members were allowing social media time to be interrupted or influenced by gaming apps.


Although not overly worried, September 2016 saw Pokemon developer Niantic concentrating on the release date of new app versions for Android and iOS users along with the September 16, 2016 release of Pokemon GO +.


Pokemon’s biggest negative issue could be titled ‘Effort vs. Inertia.’ It is impossible to simultaneously be a couch potato and play Pokemon.


While Pokemon was anticipated to foster socializing in the real world versus cyberspace, no dress code is required when using X-box or PlayStation. The question yet to be answered is–Is PokemonGo a goner?