Podcast Study Results Released

Audiences for Podcasts are highly receptive to the messages they hear from the Podcast advertisers. That’s the ultimate finding that’s come from a series of studies conducted by Edison Research on Podcasting advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/network-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-230000022.html

The results of the study were released in February of 2017, and were just announced by Norman Pattiz, who is the founder and Executive Chairman of Podcast One, and Tom Webster. Webster is the acting VP of strategy at Edison Research.

The study was conducted in three separate sessions using five major consumer product and services brands.

The goal was to get a real sense of how positive advertising messages placed in Podcasts affected consumer attitudes towards those brands. The results show that consumers definitely do take in the messages they hear in Podcasts, and respond positively to the brands they hear about.

What The Study Showed

The results of the study showed a definite impact on listeners regarding their views on the brands advertised. The study showed that participants who heard about a grocery store ended up retaining 60% more information about the brand after the study.

The awareness of lawn and garden products and financial services companies went up significantly as well. The study (the first of its kind) also showed a highly positive impact of the test participant’s views on a casual dining restaurant and on a brand in the auto aftermarket industry.

The overall highly positive impact of Podcasting advertising on brand awareness is significant, and it points to the importance of Podcasting as a very important tool for advertisers. Podcasting is a cost effective way to get a message across, and the the positive influence it has on listeners, who are in a receptive mood when listening to a Podcast, cannot be ignored.

Norman Pattiz is a man who has had a major influence on the broadcasting industry during his many years in the industry. As the founder of radio giant WestwoodOne, as well as its offshoot, PodCastOne.com, there’s no doubt Pattiz is an industry leader.

Pattiz has long felt that Podcasting is a potenitially huge tool for advertisers who want to enhance the image of the brands they work with. The results of this study indicate that Pattiz’ hunch is absolutely on target.