New Data Shows Six Types Of Social Gamers

People involved in the social gaming industry have just received a great deal of data on the preferences of current social gamers. This information comes from the famous customer retention marketing company called Optimove.


Optimove took a look at market strategies for the social gamers of today. These researchers found that there are six major social gamers in today’s market, each of which has distinctive spending habits.


The first group Optimove discussed were “New Non-Spenders.” These players tend to register for a game, but after 14 days they refuse to pay for the social gaming services. Optimove recommends that companies try to get these players to simply play their games more instead of asking for a deposit.


The next group is called “New Spenders.” Optimove defines these gamers as people who make a deposit after one or two weeks of playing. Optimove suggests using strategies like tailored promotions and special packages to keep these gamers playing.


The third group is called “Active Spender.” These gamers make at least two deposits on two days within a 14-day stretch. The best ways to keep these gamers are to offer VIP packages, keep tabs on their daily playing habits, and e-mail these gamers after big wins or losses.


The fourth group of gamers are called “Active Non-Spenders.” Unlike the last group, these gamers make only one payment and then continue to play their game for at least 21 days without paying again. It is critical to seek the second deposit from these players.


Fifth, Optimove talks about “Churn Spenders.” These gamers may have paid at some early date in their gaming history, but they have not paid or played their game of choice in over 21 days. The best ways to get these gamers playing again are to look into their playing history and tailor ad campaigns towards them.


Finally, the last group analyzed by Optimove is “Reactivated Spenders.” These gamers paid for gaming in the past, then became a churn spender, then returned to the game. It is critical for managers to get in touch with these gamers within two weeks, otherwise these gamers will most likely become “Churn Spenders.”


Optimove offers a wide variety of customer retention products and services. This company currently has three offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and London.