Leader in Social Gaming Facing Layoffs

The world of social gaming has provided users with a way to virtually experience various innovative gaming platforms with engaging social aspects integrated into the game itself. Game Show Network (GSN) Games have been one of the most highly-recognized developers of these social games in both the online and mobile gaming industries. Unfortunately, things have not been looking very promising for GSN Games in the social gaming world as of late due to a large amount of recent lay-offs their staff have been facing.

On January 25th, the company released a statement in regards to the potential layoffs and how it will impact their company as a whole. They mentioned their need to proceed with letting some staff members go in order to spend resources more wisely and efficiently. The statement implied that it will be an essential piece in ensuring that 2017 is still a productive year for them in regards to future plans. While no company is thrilled in having to let go of beloved team members, it seems as if it was a necessary move for GSN Games in order for them to proceed to be a successful name in the world of social gaming.

The number of GSN professionals said to have been laid off rests anywhere between 15-20. GSN’s CEO David Goldhill made sure to illustrate what talented members these individuals were, and how hard it is to let them go. Goldhill stated that the layoffs will only happen in select GSN offices across the nation, but they haven’t specifically addressed which offices in which they occurred. He did, however, address that the staff members that would be let go are a part of the quality assurance team, as well as the creative department. It is of course unfortunate that GSN has to face these difficult choices in letting go such diversely talented individuals on their team, but it so far unclear on how this will impact their stance in the social gaming industry. If what Goldhill predicts is true, it will end up saving resources, allowing them to become more prominent than ever in the social gaming world.

Social VR Gaming Could Soon Become A Real Thing With Subdream Studios

Game developer Subdream Studios has turned its focus toward developing virtual reality multiplayer games designed for use with popular head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Entrepreneur Jikhan Jung and his team has already released three free-to-play multiplayer VR games last year under a previous company. Downloads for those games have already exceeded 100,000 across VR devices.

Now his team has spun off into their own venture and are raising funds with a plan to release their first title in Spring this year. According to Jung, the game has a social lobby for people to hang out and play several multiplayer games together. It almost sounds like Facebook in virtual reality.

Subdream has stated their focus is on multiplayer games that seek to replicate experiences people have in the real world. Think meeting up with your friends for a game of soccer but having a chat in the park first. That seems to be what they’re going for. They’ve already announced that among the games within the game will be shooting, rhythm, and racing games. Jung mentioned that the games will be designed for quick gaming sessions and will be playable in about 10 minutes. They will also feature some kind of leaderboard.

The company has announced plans to develop for both VR arcades and the home user. Jung also wants to be a part of VR eSports, if that ever becomes a thing. Jung believes it definitely could be on the horizon sooner than we think.

Nintendo Switch Seeks to Breathe New Life Into Social Gaming

Information about the Nintendo Switch is finally available, and now we all know how the new dual-function console will perform, for better or worse. Regardless of personal opinion on the console though, it’s pretty clear Nintendo is going for a social gaming revolution.

The portable nature of the console itself shows this. It becomes super easy to pop your console out of its dock, take it to your friend’s house, and fire up some games. Two players can even play on one console, so your friend doesn’t even necessarily have to have a Switch themselves to get in on the action.

This is huge, as before social gaming with friends was a massive pain, requiring the lugging of your console and all peripherals. Now you just bring a little tablet-sized device.

Nintendo also has an advantage just in their intellectual property. Nintendo’s characters are those we all grew up with, and the want to play those kinds of games with friends again is an overpowering positive for the company.

That’s not to say the Switch will be perfect on day one. Launch titles are very few and far between. Accessories are way overpriced. Sure, those are concerned. But if there’s one indisputable fact, it’s that Nintendo is king of handhelds. And this console is essentially a handheld. And a console. It’s the best of both worlds, and hopefully that’ll help provide a well-needed boost to social gaming.

The Switch Will Be Used For Online Social Gaming

It has been announced that Nintendo will be adding an online service to their new Switch console. A subscription to their service will be needed in order to play online games on their console.

They will also release a smartphone app that will accompany their Switch console. This application will allow users to chat and keep track of their online contacts in Nintendo’s network. The app will also allow users to set up gaming appointments and send gaming invitations.

There will be free game giveaways as an incentive to sign up to the service. There will also be discounts given when purchasing new games or down-loadable content.

Nintendo will give out the service for free upon release but they have plans of adding a paid subscription. Gamers can still buy games from their online shop without a subscription. Those with expired subscriptions may also contact their friends.

The Nintendo Switch has a worldwide release date this March. It was officially announced in just October of 2016. The switch is a hybrid of a tablet and a normal gaming console that hooks up to the television. The controllers are also foldable into a traditional game controller and a remote. The game controllers will also have motion sensors just like the Wii.

Some of their flagship games will include a new Fire Emblem game, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and other familiar titles. Call of Duty will also be releasing a title for the console.

Many game stores are taking preorder payments for the Switch. It has been reported that many Game Stop stores have been completely sold out of their preorders. Even many of the online sellers have been sold out in the United States. There are still some accessories and games that are still available for preorder at the moment.