Bill of Lading: Perry Mandera Enhances Service Delivery

Perry Mandera as the executive in charge of operations, sales, and business development at Custom Companies, Inc. continues to improve its quality of service and efficiency towards customer satisfaction. Online services attribute to the popularity of the company and its position in the transport industry. Electronic Bill of Lading (BoL) is one of the innovations in line with enhancing services in the transport firm. The document is mainly used in shipping. BoL has several functions that benefit buyer and seller as well as the carrier.

First, BoL functions as evidence of a contract of carriage. It is a legal document that a manufacturer can use when dissatisfied with the carrier concerning issues of breakage or any complaints on delivery. When shipping, the seller provides a carrier with parameters and description of the goods that determine how the goods should be handled or processed. If the seller or buyer is dissatisfied with the delivered goods, corporate laws base on the BoL to determine the loss hence source of compensation.

Secondly, the document confirms receipt of goods. The seller gets prove that a carrier has received the goods and in good condition. This is important in cases where buyers complain of receiving damaged goods. The seller can easily prove dispatch of intact goods through the BoL.

In addition to this, carriers as holders are granted title to the goods in transit. The carrier has the right to withhold the BoL until they have received full payment for the transport service. Besides, they can transfer to a third party as they wish, usually for convenience with regards to destination of the goods.

Perry Mandera graduated from high school in 1975 and joined the Military Corp Service. He served as a law enforcer until 1980 when he resigned and started his own business. After five years when he was 28 years old, he sold the business and joined politics. Perry Mandera served as a committeeman in the Republican Ward up to 1988.

Within his service in the Chicago ward, Mandera founded Custom Companies, Inc., refer also to The transport firm has gradually grown to over $200 million sales per year. Perry Mandera is recognized among the top 100 American transportation executives. He is also involved in charitable activities across the United States of America.