The Social Gaming Scenes Gains an Audience

Social gaming has become a big deal all over the world. There’s nothing better than having access to other people that like to play the games that you play. For long time people have been playing against computers, but this has certainly gotten old. It is so much better and easier to have access to friends online that are interested in the social gaming scene. This is why many games have become popular. Many of the World of War and Minecraft games have become incredibly exciting because there are people around the world that are playing together.

The great thing about social gaming is that you do not have to know the person you play against. This does not have to be a friend that lives down the street or a friend from work. It is fine if you are able to connect with people that you know in person, but there are many people that would rather not know the people that they are playing against.

This increases the level of excitement. Many people that start off playing these strangers through social media gaming sites may actually connect with these people on a friendly level. Social gaming is definitely the concept that people are talking about right now when it comes to gaming. This concept has become incredibly popular because there are tons of people that have high-speed networks, and they have the ability to play online for endless amounts of time. There are also people that are interested in connecting with gamers through their phones.

The app stores for Apple and Google Play have a ton of free games that people will play on their phones in their spare time. The great thing about these games is that many of them allow you to play with multiple players.

An End to Yahoo Esports

Over the past few years, Yahoo Esports has been one of the leading sources for gaming news. As of today, they will be closing and preparing for a merge with Yahoo Sports. Travis Gafford, the Head of Esports Media, addressed fans and followers in a public statement. He thanked everybody for their continuous support and incredible number of views. The public has demonstrated a commitment to Esports that was far beyond their initial vision. In the upcoming weeks, the social media accounts of Yahoo Esports will disband. Nevertheless, Yahoo will create archives of all past articles and interviews. Future content may cease, but what remains will be treasured forever. Yahoo was one of the first companies to dive into the world of Esports, and without them, the industry would not be the same today. They were well known for quality releases that detailed the lives and accomplishments of gamers around the world. From League of Legends to CS:GO to Hearthstone, Yahoo Esports covered it all under one umbrella.


Gafford will not be without a position in the near future. He has numerous connections with Riot Games and the League Championship Series that will allow him to continue interviews and press releases. In addition, Gafford has worked with players themselves on a personal basis. His most famous interaction was with Peter “Doublelift” Peng, where he provided housing for the young prodigy before he became a superstar. Today, Gafford is a well liked figure who travels between gaming houses and facilities for the LCS. Growing up in the Esports scene, he wants to remain in this industry as long as possible. Gafford has firsthand experience with the most talented minds of this generation. While there is room to grow, his work with Yahoo Esports will remain at the top of all media.


Social Gaming Next Big Thing for Developers

The advent of social gaming could be traced back to the first MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), especially World of Warcraft, which was so popular at one time it was the subject of satire by shows like South Park. The idea is not so surprising. Before video, board and card games were usually based around the principle of getting together with friends and having fun. The conversation and interaction were all part of the enjoyment of the game. This is the next level.


THis trend really seems to be sparking in the video gaming industry. While games like “Words with Friends” and the card-based game from Warcraft called “Hearthstone” have been pitting real people against each other in competition for years on mobile apps, that trend is now expanding to the big players in the gaming industry, like Activision and Bioware.


These companies are often known for their deep stories and action-filled game play. Now, they are adding in the element of social gaming. Activision released “Destiny” to pretty good reviews and great financial success just a few years ago, and its sequel is already on the way. Bioware, owned by industry giant Electronic Arts and known for its intricate story lines and well-developed characters, has introduced its now offering in this area, “Anthem”.


A lot of details have emerged on this new Bioware IP at the recent E3 2017 convention in Los Angeles. You can see the trailer and game play right here. It already is drawing huge reactions from gamers, and the posted demo shows how you will need to team up and communicate with real friends to go on many of the game’s adventures.


And that is one of the things that really draws companies to the social gaming platform. You have players encouraging their friends to play as well, increasing your customer base. Yet, while this style of play is often very fun, intricate stories are hard to develop. The future will tell if this current trend actually becomes a success.


Young People Are Gambling Through Social Gaming

One of the most popular and lucrative areas of social gaming involves gambling. There are many games of chance that are patterned after popular games that you would find in a casino. This has caused many of the largest casino companies in the world to hop aboard the social gaming bandwagon. There is a large amount of money to be made in the social gaming world and the casinos want a piece of it. Indeed, social games that involve gambling have been popular for quite some time. However, casinos realize that social gaming is an ideal way to attract millennials and get then interested in gambling for the first time.


There is a large demand from casinos to have social gaming developers create new games to attract new customers. The casinos know that young people like to play games on their mobile devices. Many young people spend several hours each day doing this. Therefore, social casino games are the ideal way to target these young people and get them to start gambling. The social games can also be used to get the millennials to take a trip to visit the real casino.


It is important to note that all of the casino social gaming apps are free to play. Players can win virtual currency that cannot be cashed out. The money is generated through ads that appear on the screen when the person is playing. The fact that the games are free makes many people want to keep playing them repeatedly. This adds value to them. Studies have shown that many players of casino social game apps stay engaged with these games for roughly two hours each day.


More than $38 billion was made last year by the mobile gaming industry. Casinos will continue to create more interesting games. These are designed to keep players engaged for as long as possible so they can be exposed to commercials for the various brands they are trying to promote.


Coin-In combines social gaming with online gambling

The most popular example of such marketing is The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile app. The social game increases interest in the show, and it can reach the few people who do not already know about AMC’s series. Casinos have used online gambling to increase their profits for years, but Coin-In decided to combine social gaming with online gambling.


Coin-In does not want to get people gambling with each other over the Internet, and many sites already allow this. States and countries that outlaw gambling do their best to prevent people using these sites from collecting their winnings. The mobile gaming company does not plan on offering real-world rewards. The games offer discounts and rewards that players can redeem in traditional brick and mortar casinos instead.


Despite the problems with online gambling, many states have embraced the idea of brick and mortar casinos. Several organizations push states to legalize gambling to fund education and lower property taxes.


Coin-in has partnered with several casinos, mostly in the Las Vegas and Atlantic City areas, to test its initial plan. Users can download the games from the Google Play Market or the Apple App Store. Windows users may soon be able to download such games from the Windows Store.




Coin-In uses social game rewards to get people into physical casinos