Niantic Hits Home Run With New Update

You don’t have to be a master Pokemon trainer like Ash Ketchum in order to enjoy capturing your favorite Pokemon. Thanks to Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon Go, we have seen some serious updates to their flagship title in order to make capturing Pokemon more entertaining than ever. The most recent craze within the game, which has trainers leveling up in rapid succession, is the Community Day feature.

Niantic launched the Community Day feature as a monthly project that puts an extra incentive for trainers to catch, train, and battle at gyms during the event. During this time, trainers will get extra experience as well — thus allowing them to level up. Trainers who are working on getting their Dragonair evolved into the ultra-rare, and incredibly strong, Dragonite will want to pay special attention to the next Community Day. Why? Well, Dragonair who evolve during this session will be gifted a special and exclusive move: Draco Meteor. Niantic has made it abundantly clear that these exclusive moves can only be obtained during special community day events and they will not be available via TMs.

Outside of the actual gameplay update, Niantic has made sure to keep trainers coming back for fun little graphical incentives. Niantic announced the release of a slew of new Avatar updates, including the Team Rocket outfit. If you want your trainer to join the most notorious gang in Pokemon history, you’ll need 100 coins for a hat, 400 coins for a top, 50 coins for gloves, and 400 coins for your pants. Quite the expensive outfit!

Niantic Makes Potentially Fatal Move With Pokemon Go Update.

There are few social games in the world that came out with more hype than Pokemon Go. Developed by Niantic to be THE augmented reality game on the market, Pokemon Go has struggled at times to harness the immense fanbase. Despite early struggles, Niantic hit a rhythm with their title in 2017 with a slew of high-quality updates and premium events. Now, unfortunately, it looks like the company behind Pokemon Go may be making a potentially fatal mistake to their young title. According to recent reports, Niantic is discontinuing support for old iOS devices in order to go exclusively with iOS 11.

The decision by Niantic to make their title available only on iOS 11 devices isn’t wholly unexpected, but it is still equally unsatisfying. Many developers will choose to focus exclusively on a certain level of technology, opting not to have to deal with older titles. However, with this decision, Niantic is essentially forgetting about their core demographic: younger kids who love Pokemon. For many young Pokemon Go players, the option to upgrade to the newest iOS device isn’t just unlikely, it is essentially impossible to do.

Niantic revealed their decision to forego operating with older iOS devices via their official websites. The new update will be released at the end of February and it will functionally make the game unplayable on these old devices. Among those no longer usable will be the iPhone 5 and 5c, the iPad (3rd, 4th Gen), the iPad 2, and the iPad Mini. If you own any of those devices, you can wave at your Pokemon now.

Niantic Bringing Massive Updates to Pokemon Go

It was recently announced that the team at Niantic Labs was working on expanding their library of augmented reality titles with the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. While the news was met with an almost universal cheer, who wouldn’t want to play a wizard in real life, fans of Pokemon Go were notably upset. Would Niantic be shifting their focus and money to a completely new title, only to leave last year’s hottest release by the wayside? As it turns out, Niantic has extensive plans to bring Pokemon Go into the future with some major updates that could change the functionality and fanbase of the game — in a good way.

Niantic was recently in the news not only for the Wizards Unite release announcement but their successful round of Series B investing that came afterward. Niantic raised nearly $200 million in additional funding through this avenue from companies like Javelin Venture Partners, NetEase, Meritech and Spark Capital. While it is correct to think that this money will go toward getting Wizards Unite off of the ground, a more probable notion is that the money will be pushed toward improving and expanding upon the strong foundation that Pokemon Go has built over the past year or so. Megan Quinn of Spark Capital said, “We believe John Hanke & the team are building an incredibly important company at the intersection of AR and real-world location.”

This investment news comes at the same time that Niantic made legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh available throughout the world via their raid program. Niantic said during the announcement, “Collectively, you caught over 3 billion Pokemon during the Global Catch Challenge, unlocking some amazing rewards along the way.” Niantic’s announcement goes on to say, “Ho-Oh is now appearing in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world until December 12, 2017.”

Right now, fans can take advantage of a bunch of new products for sale in the Pokemon Go store that can be acquired for PokeCoins. Among these items is the Special Box which includes Super Incubators, premium raid passes, and lucky eggs.