New Major Game Titles Incorporate Social Gaming Elements

A virtual reality football game and an intriguing future title designed by a Grand Theft Auto producer will feature social gaming elements to make them more attractive to players.

Joe Montana, a Hall of Fame athlete who is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, recently announced his involvement in a project that combines football with mobile devices and virtual reality. The name of the project is Montana 17, and it consists of a seven-on-seven passing strategy that puts players in the quarterback position.

Montana 17 is not an advanced AAA title that requires powerful gaming rigs and VR headsets; it is actually a mobile app that can be played on smartphones and basic equipment such as Google Daydream or even Google Cardboard. The NFL Players Association is endorsing and licensing this game, which has social gaming features such as leaderboards, achievements, online chat, and badges.

Another major game title announced in January is being developed under the direction of Leslie Benzeis, better known as a Rockstar Games producer in charge of Grand Theft Auto. The name of this new game is Everywhere, and it is being described as the ultimate social gaming experience. According to Benzeis, players who enter the world of Everywhere will be treated to a game environment that requires social media interaction to advance the plot.

Video game journalists have asked Benzeis whether his future game will require him to create an entire social network; to this effect, his replies have been vague, although he has mentioned that there may be a social gaming concept similar to GTA Online.