How Talkspace Revolutionizes Therapy

Getting help can be challenging. That’s what prompted the founders of Talkspace to create a startup that would make it easy and convenient for anyone to talk to a licensed therapist – online.

Traditional therapy often takes place in a scheduled appointment in someone’s office. But through Talkspace, you can send audio, visual, or text messages to a therapist at any time. If more help is needed, users often schedule a video chat, too.

Talkspace has seen its user base skyrocket since the 2016 election. According to a recent article in CNBC, Talkspace is growing even faster than its founders have projected – by nearly 80 percent. Most of the people who have placed calls are Millennials. The app has also seen more women and minorities, as well as LGBT individuals, place calls. CEO and Co-founder Oren Frank notes that while more people are seeking therapy through the service, it may not all be related to the election of Donald Trump.

Talkspace plans start at $49 per week, and the app is available for both iPhone and Android. For most people, this is much more affordable than traditional therapy, which can often cost up to $250 a session. They also provide couples and marriage counseling.

When a user signs up, they answer a few basic questions in order to get matched with a therapist. They then have the flexibility to message their assigned therapist anytime. Therapists usually respond once or twice a day, sometimes even more. And, if the first therapist a user talks to isn’t the right fit, they can switch as many times as they need to. Anonymity is always an option if a user feels more comfortable communicating that way.

Talkspace has been featured in many prominent news outlets, like The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and CNN.

What to Know About the Talkspace Program

If you’ve been going to therapy for years and are finding it to be too expensive and inconvenient, it’s time for a change. Forgoing therapy altogether won’t help your mental health problems. If you’re suffering from issues like bipolar disorder or depression, these problems can take a toll on your physical state, relationships and career. If you’re tired of always making trips to a local therapist who’s expensive and inconvenient as far as their available appointments are concerned, it’s time to give Talkspace a try for yourself.

Talkspace is an app based out of New York, and it helps to bridge the gap between high-quality therapy and being able to stay at home. For those who are unable to leave their houses because of transportation or mental health issues, Talkspace allows you to still talk to a therapist through messaging and video chat services. Also, routine therapists may have long waiting lists that are difficult to deal with when you need help quickly. Talkspace allows you to create an account and be matched with a qualified therapist in just a matter of a few minutes.

Talkspace only costs a few dollars a day, which is far cheaper than anything you’d find locally in a therapist’s office. If you do not have health insurance, Talkspace is a cheaper and more affordable alternative to conventional therapy. You should give Talkspace a try for yourself if you feel it is time to benefit from therapy but do not know when you’d find the time to make use of it by visiting a local professional. The app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet and customized to fit your specific needs. Once you begin to use Talkspace, you’ll find that it helps you live life to the fullest because you have an expert there listening to your problems.