Influential Investor and Banker- Igor Cornelsen


At the end of 2014, the banking world was left mesmerized by the banks in Brazil. Typically the banks have been known to suffer the most during distressed economy; the Brazilian economy was also troubled at the end of 2014, but the two largest private banks in the country, Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco experienced a rise in their shares as well as an increase in their profit.

The big question was how the Brazilian banks managed to be stable despite the storm in the economy. The big question was clearly and well answered a banker and investor Igor Cornelsen. Igor explains that the secret is hidden behind the knowledge of the market as well as experience over other unsettled years. The investor says that private banks only lends to borrowers who are most earnest of credit, the choice has helped private banks rationalize cost as well as increase their security.

In the periods of financial and economic hesitation, the Brazilian government has put some measures to make investors comfortable and secure; the measures include the installation of more reforms and economic severity. Igor advises investors to invest in Brazil in harsh economic conditions because Brazil is rich in natural resources, it is the largest food producing countries in South America, and the countries increase need of infrastructure development makes it an attractive market in the continent.

What the reality is funding is a dangerous practice if an individual is not familiar with it. Igor is one of the successful investors internationally. He has been described as an investment champion who knows everything about investment in all types of companies as well as any product. Igor’s championship has been brought about by the experience he has in the investment and financial field.

Igor Cornelsen indicates on Facebook that he originates from South America. Igor was born and raised in Brazil He is an investor who has held various positions in the banking industry in Brazil. His passion for serving in the financial sector saw him quit his career in the banking sector to concentrate and build his professionalism in the investment industry. Igor Cornelsen is the founder and the principal of Bainbridge Investment Inc. an investment company located in the Bahamas.

Through his company, Igor can help investors by offering long-term investment policies. He also provides financial advice to both private and public companies. Due to his enormous knowledge and experience in the investment industry, he is considered by many as a role model.