Angry Birds Developer Opens New Studio to Develop MMO Title

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds mobile Intellectual Property (IP), is creating a new studio to focus on a brand new Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) product. This new game will be based on an entirely new IP. This announcement comes directly from Rovio on their website, where they state the need for a new studio and their desire to hire a new team to fill it. The studio will be based out of Lodon.

In the announcement, Antii Viitanen, the Senior Vice President at Rovio, states “Our business is profitably growing and London is the most logical place for us to found a new studio that will complement our overall global mix of internal and external developers. London is also a fantastically diverse talent magnet.”

Mark Sorrel, the developer’s Studio Head, adds “We believe that the best game experiences are those that you share with other people … We look forward to bringing a diverse team together to deliver unique MMOs that are creative, inclusive and delightful.”

This studio expansion plans to add another twenty developers over the next two years to begin work on the new title.

Rovio is the studio behind the immensely successful Angry Birds IP. Rovio’s move comes in response to the overwhelming success of its recent Angry Birds movie as well as the popularity of the Angry Birds sequel, Angry Birds 2. According to forbes, Angry Birds and it’s various offshoots have been downloaded over 3 billion times since their release in 2009. This makes it one of the most downloaded pieces of software on the planet. The game has spawned numerous variations, imitators, a full theatrical release movie, and much more.

What Rovio has planned for their future MMO title or how their experience in developing the Angry Birds mobile game will affect it is unknown at this time.