Susan McGalla Offers Expert Advice To Women Climbing The Career Ladder

There is a plethora of advice for women looking for career advancement. A lot of the information is inaccurate or generic but there is a woman whose advice is targeted and experienced. Her name is Susan McGalla and she has been active in the world of business for many years. He company is called P3 Executive Consulting and her talents are diverse. She has expertise regarding branding, marketing, and efficiently running a business. She has learned exactly what it takes to advance a career as a woman. She has spoken to numerous audiences and is happy to give her advice and help other women in the community.

The women Susan McGalla has spoken with want practical and authentic advice regarding their career aspirations. They want to be noticed as professionals in their fields not just women. Susan McGalla had an edge growing up because she did not receive any advantages over her brothers because she was female. She was taught her gender would not hold her back or help her move forward. This has made her comfortable working and speaking with both men and women and is partially responsible for her confidence and success. Her career has been built around many notable companies including American Eagle Outfitters. She earned her place with the business and ended up at the top of a predominately male business.

After Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters she took control of her career and her future. She works for the individuals at the height of the financial industry as a consultant. She has a unique perspective of her industry as an insider and an expert in retail. The control she has over her career may be considered a luxury but it took years of pursuing her passions, incredibly hard work, and extreme flexibility to achieve. The one thing that was never a factor in any of her goals was her gender.

Susan McGalla is down to earth and has made certain she never had a chip on her shoulders. She has spoken of what she refers to as the glass ceiling and admits she never had any desire to break through. She never believed she was entitled to any special treatment because she was a woman and believed she could attain what she desired with hard work, good ideas, and the consistent continuation of the learning process. Her hopes are women will take the same path in pursuit of their career goals.