How a Rocketship Education Gives Children from Low-Income Families a Brighter Future

More cities are catering to the needs of school-aged children who come from low-income families. This need is being met by the incorporation of charter schools. A group of charter schools in the state of California belong to a network known as Rocketship Education. The objective of this network is to provide students from low-income backgrounds with the type of education needed to succeed in today’s business world. Not only do they focus on educating students, but these schools also work to help empower teachers and actively engage parents. In fact, parents of children enrolled in the Rocketship network of charter schools are so actively involved in the education process they actually assist in the hiring of new teachers.

A recent online article focused on the efforts made on the part of parents to launch a new Rocketship school in their community. The parents of a five-year old were just two of the many parents involved in not only the hiring of the new school’s teachers, but also in the school’s construction process. A group of parents associated with the new school, have the opportunity to interview potential candidates for teaching positions before any job is offered. The feedback provided by parents is taken seriously by the administration in charge of hiring teachers for the charter schools in the Rocketship Education network.

The innovative approach to education taken by the schools in the Rocketship network has created a stir within many California communities. In neighborhoods where studies showed a decrease in prosperity for children from low-income families, the addition of Rocketship charter schools has given families a renewed sense of hope and a more positive perspective on their children’s futures. The change in the education provided to these children can be clearly seen in the city of San Jose where the Rocketship Education schools have grown steadily in the past decade. Educator’s in this area report significant changes in positions available for students who now have a realistic chance of graduating from high school and attending college. These educators attribute the change to the process of working together established by the system put into place by the Rocketship network.