The Wonders of Korean Solo Queue

In League of Legends, Korean solo queue is well known as one of the most competitive grounds in the entire world. Korea is the strong region in professional play, and this fact is reflect in their solo queue ladder. When European team Unicorns of Love went to Korea to bootcamp, they were surprised by the quality of play of both professionals and amateur players. Fabian “Exileh” Schubert talked about mid laners in Korea and their dominant playstyle. He mentioned that they always look for plays and are more than willing to take risks that could change the game. In particular, he mentioned a Zed main who had incredible mechanics and mastery of the champ. As a one trick player, he had thousands of games on the mid lane assassin. Exileh was thoroughly impressed by the aggression and immaculate gameplay in high elo Korean solo queue.


Comparison between Korean and Western LoL is a hotly debated topic. Some analysts have concluded that players of both regions are on an equal mechanical footing, but Eastern players have better teamwork. Other experts profuse that there is a large discrepancy across the board. Regardless of which stance you prefer, it is undeniable that Korean solo queue is a battleground like no other. In previous seasons, Korean had the strongest top laners compared to other roles. Today, rising stars such as Fly, Rookie, and Cepted lead the mid lane charge. Exileh noted that one reason Korean solo queue is so strong is because players are able to offrole to a high proficiency. When people are autofilled, the game does not crash and burn like it does in other regions. He discussed how even supports are able to play carry roles perfectly fine. If you are unable to adapt to this environment, foreign players will inevitably have difficulty climbing the ladder. During his stay, Exileh managed to reach low challenger, an impressive feat.


Faker Cements a Dominating Legacy

SKT T1 Faker recently competed in the mid season invitational for League of Legends and led his team to an incredibly victory over G2 Esports. Facing off against G2 Perkz in the mid lane, he used wave manipulation and effective last hitting to gain a strong advantage. After the overall 3-1 victory, Faker became the first League of Legends player to win over $1 million from competition. However, his earnings amount to far more than this number. SKT pays him an annual salary of over $5 million in addition to revenue gained by streaming on Twitch. Not only is he one of the most skilled players in the world, but he is also the wealthiest. His coach Kkoma commented on his legacy. “Faker…the greatest of all time. He deserves praise, money, and a reputation as the most fearsome mid in the world.” Faker joins other eSports legends that have accumulated such a massive revenue. Although he has found a huge amount of success, Faker says that competition is not about the money for him. He enjoys the game and enjoys the way that the industry has evolved. Faker has since headed back to Korea to prepare for the LCK summer split. The SKT lineup is one of the most dominant, and at the upcoming world championships, they will be looking to prove themselves once again. For now, Faker can relax with $1 million and an enormous amount of pride.