Recieve Your Social Security Advice From David Giertz

Most advisory services today do not explain the benefits of social security and 4, out 5 taking a national survey agreed that they would choose someone else to take advice from, after realizing how the retention with social security will always work in their favor. Even though the topic of social security is so complex, many advisors avoid learning and applying the knowledge of social security choosing not to even mention it while trying to help their clients feel financially secure. Well David Giertz, an advisor himself has a different perspective on how educating yourself of the specifics regarding social security and educating the client is essential when it comes to your financial planning. Evidence has shown that ignoring social security plans has countless amount of people by old age having to pay a tremendous amount of taxes, and by the time they pass away there is no money to be accounted for.

For over 30 years, he has gained plenty of experience in the financial advisor business. He has witnessed a large amount of unaware people losing profit, and many advisors not able to keep clients because of ignoring how understanding how social security really works can benefit both parties. The last thing you want to do is avoid proper planning, and as a result recieve benefits that are lower than expected, that can alter the life of yourself and your family.

What sets David Giertz apart from other financial advisors in his field is, they don’t stress the importance of social security, even from the most recognized firms in the business, but from his point of view, David is certain that the subject of social security should be taken seriously. So if you have that keen interest on how social security can improve your livelihood, taking advice from David Giertz will help you right along with securing your future.

A Look At Investor Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor in multiple technology companies, as well as different firms in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Hagele also serves as outside counsel for different technology companies in the aerospace and internet industries.

Hagele previously worked at the offices of Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley. Hagele helps initiate different commercial agreements related to technology companies. Hagele also helps with corporate financing issues and M&A transactions. Hagele has also been involved in the licensing distribution, software, and hardware fields. Hagele received his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Iowa and his Juris Doctor Degree from The University of California at Berkeley.

Hagele is excited about the future of Artificial Intelligence. Hagele specifically cites the multiple applications that Artificial Intelligence provides. Hagele has worked with several non profit companies to help improve their funding. Hagele has used different algorithms to analyze patterns. The patterns help Hagele and the non profit companies figure out ways to reduce costs.

Michael Hagele believes that a major reason why he has been so successful is because of his tenacity. People have to stay resilient during tough times. Hagele believes that it is important for people to incorporate new information into their thought processes, as that could potentially lead to very rewarding outcomes.

On the topic of entrepreneurship, Hagele believes that entrepreneurs should focus on making sure that the customer is always their main priority. Any decisions should be made with the best interests of the customer in mind. Hagele also encourages entrepreneurs to stay in shape. Having a daily fitness routine can help people re-energize themselves. Hagele believes that a simple act such as walking around the block can give people more energy every day. Hagele is also in favor of businesses using social media to help expand their customer base. Hagele believes that social media allows businesses to have meaningful dialogue with their customers.

Hagele uses a mixture of Microsoft Office and various Google web products. Hagele is a fan of the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. View:


David Giertz Offers Timely Social Security And Retirement Advice

Millions of people are not properly prepared for retirement. And one financial advisor knows why. Recently David Giertz sat down with the Wall Street Journal to explain why we are headed towards a retirement crisis.

In the interview, Mr. Giertz mentioned that most financial advisors are not well versed in the rules that surround social security. For example, the financial expert mentioned that the social security handbook contains over 2,700 rules. And that financial advisors may be intimidated by the breadth of those rules in the handbook.

In a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, most retirees, as well as people 10 years away from retirement, say that their financial advisor does not talk to them about social security. Additionally, the survey found that four out of five people would consider switching financial advisors if those experts were not well versed in social security rules and regulations.

For instance, Mr. Gietz pointed out that taking social security benefits early could cost a retiree up to $300,000. That works out to almost $12,000 per year. In Mr. Giertz’s opinion, a financial advisor who does not understand the detriments of early social security withdrawal could end up hurting their client.

Mr. David Giertz additionally mentioned that social security could be up to 40% of a retiree’s income. And that financial advisors who are not familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding social security could be doing a great disservice to their clients. Mr. Giertz strongly suggested that financial advisors learn as much as they can about social security to better help their clients.

David Giertz was the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. Mr. Giertz brings over three decades of experience to the financial world. As the President of the Columbus, Ohio based financial company, Mr. Giertz oversaw a wide range of advisors covering a vast array of services.

Prior to Nationwide, Mr. Giertz spent a decade at Citigroup where he began his career as a Financial Services Advisor and was eventually promoted up to Executive Vice President of Sales. In addition to his work with Nationwide Financial, Mr. Giertz is also active in various community organizations including the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.