Social Gaming Will be the Next Feature of Facebook Messenger

One of the most active digital properties managed by Facebook is its Messenger application, which is used by more than a billion users around the world each month. Since 2011, the Messenger app has become a very powerful platform as well as an extension of the Facebook brand.


The latest feature being explored by Facebook for its messenger app involves social gaming. Instant Games is currently being tested in New Zealand by the developer responsible for the wildly popular Candy Crush series, King Games. The current title is Shuffle Cats Mini, a cute shooting gallery game that can be played along with other users of the Messenger app.


The Instant Games for Messenger will be coded in HTML5, which will allow developers to include features such as asynchronous play and head-to-head challenges. Since these will be social gaming titles, players will be able to communicate through Messenger, earn badges, see their status on leader boards, invite their friends to play, and challenge other players.


The social gaming titles that users will be able to play on Messenger may also include small mobile versions of major video game franchises such as Call of Duty.


Facebook intends to draw income from various revenue sources that can be supported by the Messenger application, and this is certainly the case with Instant Games. Many of the planned titles will feature in-game purchases that Facebook can get a cut from. The social media giant already draws revenue from the money transfer system it added to Messenger a couple of years ago.