George Soros: Relentless Fighter Against The Division In The Society

George Soros, the New York-based hedge fund manager, and philanthropist is known for his fights against the division in the society. He is very pragmatic in understanding the cause of divisions in the society and looks for a comprehensive strategy to address it. Soros can easily understand the perpetrators of social and political unrest and shows the hand of support to the victims. George Soros is a man of mutual respect and thinks that every human being has equal value and need equal respect. This was reported on Investopedia.

From the family of a Hungarian non-practicing Jews, George Soros had gone through the difficulties of World War II when Nazis invaded Hungary. However, the family escaped the brutalities and migrated to Britain after the war. The young George enrolled in London School of Economics (LSE) and got a chance to go through the works of philosopher Karl Popper – whom Soros consider as his “spiritual guide.” Popper’s works influenced him, and he was introduced to the idea of “open societies” during the period. Later, Soros became an active promoter of open societies on, and he developed the idea further.

The open societies visualized the welfare of all humanity by setting up universal principles written on Soros fought for the right of citizens to criticize as he believed that the valid criticism could bring positive changes in the institution. He was always against imposed intellectual conformity and doctrines of ideologies including Marxism. Due to the influence of these ideas, he fought for the victims of the hate crimes during the recent U.S. Presidential election. It was reported that there were as many as 700 attacks during the election week and Soros contributed $10 million to assist the victims and to fight against the crimes.

After finishing his graduation from LSE, he started working with Singer and Friedlander, a London-based brokerage firm. He continued there for four years and later moved to New York and began working as a stock broker at the Wall Street. Then, he worked as a fund manager at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc., an investment bank. With the help of his friends, George Soros founded the investment management firm Soros Fund Management, LLC in 1969. The firm has grown exponentially in the market and achieved $1 billion market value by 1985.

Soros is also very particular about his philanthropic spending. He openly endorses open societies across the globe. He is a strong proponent of human rights and social justice, and he works against discriminatory laws and practices in the society. He criticized and encouraged to take legal actions against many of the discriminatory measures taken by the authority post 9/11 and racial abuses reported in the country which targeted to any particular community or linguistic minorities. It can be said that there is no major organization or charity without getting the assistance of Soros in U.S.

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