Troy McQuagge, Great Kind Acts

Troy McQuagge has always been interested in giving back to his community. Around 2010, McQuagge started a mission to help people around the world. Ironically, Troy named the mission HOPE, which stands for helping other people everyday. So far, this mission has raised tons and money and has helped thousands of people throughout the entire United States. Troy McQuagge Son recently earned the title of being the CEO and President of USHealth Advisers. Troy was very happy about this accomplishment. Since he has been promoted, he has made it his mission to continue to help even more people since his position allows him to network with many different types of people.

USHEALTH Advisers has even recently joined forces with their parent company, USHEALTH group, in order to help their movement become even more powerful. Together the company has been able to accomplish many of their goals by helping people all around the world.

Some of their volunteer work consists of donating $25,000 to HOPEkids Arizona. If you aren’t familiar with HOPEkdis, HOPEkids is a nonprofit organization that provides different kinds of support to the families of ill children. Some of these illnesses consists of cancer and many offer very serious illnesses as well. The money was used for a great cause, apparently because soon after the money was donated, HOPEkids had opened another location for the organization in Texas. Once Troy and his company learned about this, the company chose to donate another $45,000. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

USHealth Advisers and the USHEALTH Group has also volunteered to help restore shelter for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In addition to providing shelter, they also provided the victims with clothes, food, water and many other items to help their recovery become easier.

Many people have been curious about why Troy and his company have chosen to give back so generously. The response from the company was that it is simply their mission. They enjoy being selfless by helping others have a better life. Troy, USHealth Advisers, and US HEALTH Group will continue to give back to all organizations around the world. Each day the search for different opportunities! Learn more: