Can a Social Game Teach Young Girls About Coding?

Many women today and some men have been reading Nancy Drew books for decades, and the truth of the matter is that Nancy Drew books have been around for a long time! They were first released in 1930. Today, the series still produces new books, and all of these small mystery novels have been published in more than 22 languages around the world. Nancy Drew is an excellent example of a strong, intelligent woman, and this is why many parents end up trying to get their daughters and granddaughters to read her books.


With that being said, many children these days are usually up to their ears in tablets and smart phones. They’re playing computer games and watching television all the time, so when is there time to read books? We still hope that kids will get around to picking up a few can paperbacks or hardbacks every once in a while, but in the meantime, Nancy Drew is coming to the social gaming world.


A company called HeR Interactive Kids focuses on apps and mobile games that target younger audiences. But these games aren’t all about moving small colored dots from one place to another or making four in a row of some candy gems. Instead, HeR Interactive Kids is run by strong, intelligent women just like Nancy Drew, and they want to bring Nancy drew back to the world of young girls and teenagers with their new online social game called Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues.


This is a hidden object game that helps young girls find the fun and importance of coding. It’s a game that is supposed to help teach the basics of coding to young women so that they may go into this area of expertise as they grow into adults.