Talkspace Professional Therapy Consultation Through The Mobile App

If you have recently lost your loved one or have gone through a breakup, it is natural for you to feel uncomfortable emotionally and you might even feel vulnerable. There would be a flow of mixed emotions crossing your mind at any point in time that would make it difficult for you to focus on anything. It would impact the way you work, the way you sleep, and just about everything. The usual routine life would be shaken for the time being, and it would take some time for things to get back to normal. However, you need to make sure that you do not let your feelings take over you and that you seek help if you feel that way for far too long than you can bear.

Taking professional help should not be something that you should discount entirely as it is known to help tremendously. People who have made professional advice and consulted with the therapist have been able to recover from their trauma at a much faster pace than the ones who didn’t take any professional advice at all. The therapist is learned in the matter and know what the patient must be going through. A person with the mental baggage of extensive scale would not be able to work correctly or even sleep properly and prolonged period of such psychological state would severely impact the health as well.

Talkspace is a New York City-based mobile app that has more than a thousand registered professional therapists. The people looking for occupational therapy can log on to the application and consult with the therapist, share their concerns and get the solutions they are looking for. It is a private affair, and the patients can be sure that whatever they share would remain safe and won’t be disclosed to the third party.

Sussex Healthcare: Reliable Healthcare Facility

Sussex Healthcare is one of the most reliable and reputable healthcare facility and rehabilitation center in the United Kingdom. The company was established more than 25 years ago, and they are still operating today with a lot in store for their patients.

The healthcare facility is recognized globally because of the excellent services that they provide to the patients admitted for treatment and rehabilitation, and they are also proud of their high end equipment that is used as an aid in providing quality care. The facility is located far from the busy downtown area of Sussex, which provides the patients with a serene and calm environment that also contributes to their speedy recovery.

Sussex Healthcare was founded by Shafik Sachedina and his colleagues, with the main objective of providing quality and affordable care to everyone. The facility accepts the elderly to reside in their nursing homes, and they are also accepting patients that suffer from neurological injuries, patients suffering from dementia, and patients with physical and mental disabilities. The accommodating and hospitable staff are always ready to provide the patients with outmost care, and Sussex Healthcare assures their patients that they will be having a good time staying at the facility.

Care for the Elderly

Elderly people in the United Kingdom have two options whenever they reach the retiring age: they can stay at home, or they can stay at a nursing home. Most of the elderly people in the United Kingdom tend to stay at home, but a small percentage wanted to be given the outmost care so they head onto nursing homes and stay there until they’re gone. Sussex Healthcare welcomes the elderly people who wanted to make the facility their final home. There is a lot to do inside the facility that the elderly residents would enjoy, and they are also given access to facilities which improves their wellbeing.

Neurological Care

Sussex Healthcare has a team of professionals who are specialized in taking care of people who are suffering from brain injuries. These professionals are given the task of restoring the patient’s capability to think and to speak, because these are the two main bodily functions that are being affected by brain injuries.

Dementia Care

People suffering from dementia area also welcome to stay inside Sussex Healthcare. Professionals trained in handling dementia cases would usually engage in a fun conversation with the patient to help them cope with the disease.

Care for People with Disability

Sussex Healthcare opens their doors to everyone who wanted to experience their services, especially those who are suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders.

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Talkspace: Using Smart Technology to Get Therapy Closer to the People

Although smartphones have positively revolutionized how people interact with friends, there are a handful of negative aspects that have mushroomed of late. A South Korean research firm recently released a report that showed that about one out of ten teens who use smartphone end up suffering from depression. The good thing about technology is that it is more of a self-reliant tool. Today, the very technology that is leading to depression has created online platforms through which people suffering depression can seek professional help online and in the comfort of their homes. One such platform is Talkspace, a New York-based therapy mobile app.

How Talkspace is Changing Therapy Experience

Talkspace already commands a huge membership. According to its records, about half a million users are using the app to seek an audience with more than a thousand professional therapists. The platform works in such a way that users can chat either through text messages or a live Skype session. This is expected to be improved sooner than later, especially because Megellan Health and Talkspace entered into a business agreement recently in which will collaborate to have on-demand psychotherapists provided by Megellan for Talkspace users.

Using Talkspace comes with a small fee. The fee varies depending on the type of service sought and the duration & frequency of it. To get a single check-in per day, for example, a user has to pay a fee of $32 on a weekly basis. For a couple of check-ins, on the other hand, a user pays $39 per week. The latter package is modeled in such a way that one can add $10 to enjoy one video session with a therapist per month.

About Talkspace

There is no doubt that Talkspace has impacted positively on the lives of many people under depression. Going by the many positive testimonials and reviews from users, the platform given by Talkspace is good in the sense that it lets one seek help in anonymity.

Talkspace is on social media, with its Twitter handle @talkspace serving as a platform for users to give their reviews as well as to get general updates on changes effected on the app. The head offices for the app are in New York.