GaymerX East Provided A Safe Space for Social Gaming

The recent election in America produced polarizing emotions. While many rejoiced over Donald Trump’s incredible victory, anxiety ran high for people who felt they may be a target for future harassment or discrimination. Thankfully, communities are coming together to support each other during this time of national transition. For example, LGBTQ people who enjoy social gaming recently held their own conference at a building in Times Square to network and support one another.


GaymerX East was scheduled by Matt Conn before the election. His intentions were to celebrate diversity in gaming. Many people mistakenly believe social gaming is done exclusively by straight men, and Conn wanted a gathering that challenged that notion. However, after the outcome of the election, GaymerX East turned into both a celebration of diversity in gaming and a chance to provide a safe place for people worried about Donald Trump running the country.


People attended the conference dressed as their favorite video game characters. Many characters were gender queer. Participants wished to celebrate these types of characters in a world where extreme masculinity seems to be the driving force behind many games.


Some people admitted to being a little bit afraid to attend GaymerX East after the election. They worried the election results might inspire people to mock the participants. Thankfully, the opposite proved to be true. People were accepting and supportive of one another. There seemed to be an extra dose of love and caring at the conference for those interested in both diversity and social gaming.