The Phoenix Group Ltd Merges Social Gaming with Blockchain-based Wagerin

The future launch of FaceOff, the social gaming site by The Phoenix Group Ltd, has been announced. The gaming site will allow players to challenge their peers to head-to-head competitions and skill-based contests. The latter will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. Come December 2017, gamers on the site will be able to challenge their peer to matches featuring their favorite teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL, WNBA, and MLB. They will also be able to challenge others to e-sport competitions, and matches featuring boxers and PGA players.

Gaming in the Cryptocurrency Era

Additionally, The Phoenix Group Ltd announced the creation of an ethereum-based token, iCash, and its Token Generation Event (TGE) scheduled for December. In the cryptocurrency space, the TGE is what is commonly referred to as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). These two will kick off FaceOff’s blockchain-based campaign for improved security and scalability. They will also protect gamers against fraud and reduce transaction fees and times, while protecting the privacy of its users.

Legal, IP-backed Social Gaming Platform

With the features on iCash and FaceOff, The Phoenix Group Ltd, is on its way to cementing itself as a pioneer in the blockchain-based wagering industry. It will also assert its position as a global leader in the social gaming industry by protecting members of the blockchain community using its intellectual property, given that the firm owns more than 50 global patents and trademarks. Consequently, FaceOff will be the first social gaming site offering a legal, IP-backed gaming platform which allows users to predict the outcome of live events for the chance to win cash prizes.

Online Card Game Companies Tackle the Indian Market

As internet access explodes in India, two companies are trying to corner the country’s booming online gaming market. This sector is worth about $290 million and is projected to grow to $1 billion by 2021. With the high popularity of traditional card games in India, the challenge is to convert these gamers to digital platforms.

Witty Games is a subsidiary of Hyderabad-based company Head Infotech, founded in 2006. Since most of India’s population connects to the internet with mobile devices, the company focuses on card game apps like Rummy King and In-Between. Witty Games also runs the largest game portal in India, Ace2Three. The company’s apps are available on both Android and Apple devices. As Witty Games continues to expand, they hope to reach a larger share of the country’s lucrative mobile gaming market.

Witty Games may have the backing of a traditional parent corporation, but Navkiran Singh’s was built from the ground up. Singh left his engineering job in 2014 to start the company with his brother and college friends. Due to laws protecting Indian-made software, the team had to design and built all of the components of Pokerbaazi themselves, rather than relying on foreign products. With over 200,000 regular registered users, the site has become a success story in the Indian market. The company has promoted its brand by hiring famous poker players like Jasven Saigal to put on live tournaments. They also scored a coup last year when they signed popular Bollywood actress Sunny Leone as their brand ambassador.

‘Pokemon Go’ Continues Resurgent Year With Major Halloween Event

The developers at Niantic, creators of the social mobile game ‘Pokemon Go’, have been working overtime in recent months to repair their image and bring about some momentum to close out the year. ‘Pokemon Go’ had been under fire in late Summer when the team at Niantic failed to plan properly for the very first, large ‘Pokemon Go Fest’ in Chicago. The event was so bad that people actually considered filing a class action lawsuit. However, things seem to be on a smoother path and fans have to be happy with how the latest event, a Halloween themed event, has played out.

Fans who managed to get out and about to play on ‘Halloween’ were greeted by a small update to showcase the final legs of Niantic’s Halloween themed event. Chief among these updates was the release of a Shiny Shuppet, which allowed Trainers to capture an alternative version of the popular dark-type Pokemon. Shuppet’s are conventionally gray in color while the shiny version is actually a more off-white. This likely will be the only time that fans get the chance to capture a shiny Shuppet so it was a special moment for collectors of rare Pokemon. Fans were also given the opportunity to chase to acquire a shiny Banette which went from dark gray to teal in color.

The Halloween event started on October 20th and it will be running through November 2nd. Fans around the world are able to earn both extra candy and increased opportunities for special dark and ghost type Pokemon. Niantic also released special themed boxes through the in-game shop which will give trainers access to more Super Incubators and Raid Passes. Fans who actively update their trainer avatar will be pleased to see a couple of new clothing options available for free through their clothing selection.

Emerging Technology iCash on Revolutionizing Social Gaming

Social gaming involves playing games online that enhance social interaction among players. The games may include card games, social network games, board games, and multiplayer video games. Social games are some of the most popular leisure activities and are great for bonding as well as improving problem-solving skills, coordination, and memory. The social gaming industry is increasing developing with a turnover of over 12 billion dollars in 2017, and the market volume of social games developers in the United States is estimated to surpass 9 billion U.S. dollars.

The gaming industry is, therefore, seeing a lot of innovations and the trend is increasing tremendously. For instance, Faceoff, a social gaming site is planning to allow its consumers to test each other using matchups that will be based on the outcomes of their favorite sports team competitions starting December. If you are a sports fanatic and support either NBA, MLB, NFL or UFC, I can imagine you can’t wait for FaceOff to kick start this.

There will be cash prizes awarded for skill-based competitions. According to the company CEO, Rich Roberts, there exists an untapped global market opportunity that can offer a platform for users to engage in e-sports and peer-to-peer sports. The company will mobilize everyone who is passionate about sports and enjoys challenging friends and family with skill-based games. FaceOff plans to make use of iCash and block chain technologies to roll the strategy.

One can only imagine the growth that will happen in social gaming with the iCash emerging technology.

Great Mobile MMOs Begin to Flood the Market

We are living in pretty interesting times, as far as video games go. For the longest time, mobile games were looked down on by ‘real gamers’. The reason? Mobile games typically traded a real gaming experience for a shortened, more focused playtime. You didn’t really ‘sit down’ to play a mobile game. You popped in, did a few actions, and popped out. Now, it looks like mobile game development companies are finally getting the right idea. Gamers want full-fledged MMO type experiences from their phones, and they are starting to deliver them. Just this past month we have seen a slew of games hit the market that may be worth your time and investment!

Of the few games that have come out recently, we want to make sure to point out a few titles in particular. Leading off is ‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’. ‘Conquest’ seeks to tag along on the hit ‘Game of Thrones’ franchise by offering a city-building, game of war type experience set all within Westeros. You’ll play as fan-favorite characters from the works of George R.R. Martin and you’ll travel to familiar locations like King’s Landing as well as Winterfell. This is a simpler title but the GoT sheen could get gamers really into it!

In the MMO world, there is no genre quite like the Asian MMORPG. ‘Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter’ brings bright colors, exciting action-oriented gameplay, and stunning graphics right to your hands. You’ll see a mixture of East/West features and you’ll get to play with other players all around the world. ‘Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter’ looks like it is really pushing the limits in order to create a full-fledged MMORPG experience right from the palms of your hand. With titles like this hitting the market, mobile gaming might start to be taken seriously!

Social Gaming Revenues Increase

Over the past five years, the amount of people who play games online with other people has increased considerably. This phenomenon, which is referred to as social gaming, allows people to connect and play with others across the world. While it has performed a great entertainment option, it now appears that social gaming is considered to be very profitable as well (

According to a recent report, there are currently over 2 billion people across the globe that play online social games every year. While the amount of games that people play varies considerably from one person to the next, this level of gamers is an all-time high. In fact, the amount of revenue that is earned from online social games has also broken all time records. In 2017, it is estimated that revenue associated with I’m going to social and will top $100 billion for the first time. This is about an 8% increase compared to 2016.

Online social games are currently played on a number of different platforms. Historically, most social games were played through laptop and desktop computers. However, more and more people are playing games through their phones. Mobile social gaming now accounts for about 10% of all social gaming.

While mobile social gaming is still considered a small segment of the overall industry, it appears that it could actually be the most profitable and lucrative. On a per game played a basis, mobile games seem to earn far more revenue and profit than traditional social games. This revelation is likely to have a major impact on the social gaming industry. More and more existing games are soon to be transformed to include a mobile application version. Furthermore, many developers are now focusing their efforts on developing games that are designed only for mobile devices.

The Social Gaming Scenes Gains an Audience

Social gaming has become a big deal all over the world. There’s nothing better than having access to other people that like to play the games that you play. For long time people have been playing against computers, but this has certainly gotten old. It is so much better and easier to have access to friends online that are interested in the social gaming scene. This is why many games have become popular. Many of the World of War and Minecraft games have become incredibly exciting because there are people around the world that are playing together.

The great thing about social gaming is that you do not have to know the person you play against. This does not have to be a friend that lives down the street or a friend from work. It is fine if you are able to connect with people that you know in person, but there are many people that would rather not know the people that they are playing against.

This increases the level of excitement. Many people that start off playing these strangers through social media gaming sites may actually connect with these people on a friendly level. Social gaming is definitely the concept that people are talking about right now when it comes to gaming. This concept has become incredibly popular because there are tons of people that have high-speed networks, and they have the ability to play online for endless amounts of time. There are also people that are interested in connecting with gamers through their phones.

The app stores for Apple and Google Play have a ton of free games that people will play on their phones in their spare time. The great thing about these games is that many of them allow you to play with multiple players.

Developers Discuss Experience With Facebook Instant Games

Some game developers took some time out to discuss their experience in developing games for Facebook and included the opportunities, challenges, and issues faced when doing so.

The Facebook game platform that they discussed is known as Facebook’s Instant games and is part of the social media’s sites offerings to almost two billion people who play the system.

The developers for Facebook Instant Games consider the platform to be unusual in that it is part of Facebook Messenger and is a relatively recent issuance by Facebook after only having been launched in November 2016. The platform allows users to challenge friends instantly and play using an HTML5 lets them instantly access these games on an easy to use web standard which allows them to use something other than apps, which can be bothersome to use and play with.

The use of HTML5 lets players enjoy these games even with a slow internet connection and lets game developers quickly build out a game without going to a third party developer site. Facebook has many partners in development including Zynga and Konami, but even smaller developers are interested in working through Facebook Instant Games because the interface allows for easy and accessible development, in addition to the legion of Facebook users.

Developers love the fact that there is no download needed on the interface and lets easy connections between players and the HTML5 option allows for a unique and dynamic product that third parties can change and let grow and change as time goes on.

While Facebook Instant games will never replace the high bandwidth games the hardcore gamers play, it is a great option for casual gamers who play via social media. Developers who are able to get in early feel as if they can build their own user base and generate future profits.

US Olympic Swim Team Methodology to Remain the Same

The International Olympic Committee made headlines this past week by removing some old sports, adding some new ones, and making changes to a few other sports. One sport that saw a few different changes was the sport of Olympic swimming. While there were some changes to the sport in the Olympics, it does not appear that it will have an immediate impact on the US Olympic and International Swimming Team (


During an update by the IOC in the last week, two new events were added to the 2020 Olympic roster. The two new events were the Men’s 800 and the Women’s 1500 freestyle swims. While several nations will likely change their approach to selecting their international swim teams in the meantime, the IOC has stated that they will not be making any immediate changes. For the time being, the US team will use the same methodology. However, this could change in the coming years as the team’s try to compensate for the change in events.


Today, the US Olympic Swim Team has a pretty clear way that they prioritize members of the team. The International team, which will have 26 male and 26 female swimmers, will choose new teams and update rosters at least once per year. The way that members get added to the team is based on a priority list. The first priority for swimmers will be winners of prior Olympic medals in either relay or individual awards. The next will be based on those who were able to finish first or second in the trials for either the 100 or 200 freestyle swims.


The next priority for swimmers is to win a race at an international event, other than the Olympics. The next priority will come to those that are able to finish in a ranking position at an Olympic event, followed by those that are able to medal at an international event that is not the Olympics.