Virtual Reality Will Be Used in Social Gaming

Virtual reality is a technology that has been around for many years. However, it is just starting to be used in the social gaming industry. There are some gaming companies that feel the potential of virtual reality is untapped. This is why they are investing a considerable amount of money to create games that utilize this type of technology. One of the companies that is progressing at a faster rate than their competitors is called Kite & Lightning. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles. The company had managed to convince several key investors to finance their virtual reality game development to the tune of $2.5 million. It remains to be seen what type of games they will try to develop. They have not commented on their plans in terms of the plot or characters that their games will include.

There have been previous attempts to create social gaming titles using virtual reality technology. However, none of them really caught on the way the companies that designed them were hoping. Probably the most notable of these games was called “Toybox” designed by Oculus. The concept of the game involved sharing a space with other players while all of you manipulate various toys that are located in the environment that surrounds you.

Two other companies that want to integrate virtual reality tech into the social gaming experience are Linden Lab and High Fidelity. Both of the projects they are currently working on are quite ambitious. Their goal is to create a vast universe that players can get lost in. Needless to say, projects of this size will be very expensive and take quite a few years to complete. However, both companies remain confident that the demand for outstanding virtual reality games will continue for years to come. It remains to be seen if this is true.

The Switch Will Be Used For Online Social Gaming

It has been announced that Nintendo will be adding an online service to their new Switch console. A subscription to their service will be needed in order to play online games on their console.

They will also release a smartphone app that will accompany their Switch console. This application will allow users to chat and keep track of their online contacts in Nintendo’s network. The app will also allow users to set up gaming appointments and send gaming invitations.

There will be free game giveaways as an incentive to sign up to the service. There will also be discounts given when purchasing new games or down-loadable content.

Nintendo will give out the service for free upon release but they have plans of adding a paid subscription. Gamers can still buy games from their online shop without a subscription. Those with expired subscriptions may also contact their friends.

The Nintendo Switch has a worldwide release date this March. It was officially announced in just October of 2016. The switch is a hybrid of a tablet and a normal gaming console that hooks up to the television. The controllers are also foldable into a traditional game controller and a remote. The game controllers will also have motion sensors just like the Wii.

Some of their flagship games will include a new Fire Emblem game, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and other familiar titles. Call of Duty will also be releasing a title for the console.

Many game stores are taking preorder payments for the Switch. It has been reported that many Game Stop stores have been completely sold out of their preorders. Even many of the online sellers have been sold out in the United States. There are still some accessories and games that are still available for preorder at the moment.

Social Gaming’s Future With Augmented and Virtual Reality

The term “social gaming” can be applied widely to a huge variety of online games that enable or require social experiences. It could apply to almost every type of digital game today, from a simple mobile app to a AAA blockbuster. Using in most cases either a smartphone or tablet computer, augmented reality (AR) adds to a user’s own reality with graphics, video, sound or other digital elements. In contrast, virtual reality (VR) immerses a user within a digital environment. Powered by these new platforms, the future of social gaming will undoubtedly be bright, as unique game ideas will emerge that challenge our concept of what gaming can be.

With the release of several products in 2016, AR and VR are set to leave the niche market and enter the mainstream. It was an amazing year for these new technologies, as several exciting products landed in stores. Facebook’s eagerly anticipated Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive VR headset made their debuts, and there are a number of well reviewed games for both systems. But due to the high price point of these products and the lack of killer-app games, experts predict that much of the growth in VR and AR over the next few years will be in the mobile market.

Seemingly out of nowhere, AR finally hit the mainstream this past summer with the release of the wildly popular Pokemon Go app. This AR game uses a smartphone’s camera, GPS locator, accelerometer, and compass to encourage users to walk about in their towns, and points beyond, in search of the various cartoon Pokemon that appear on their phone’s screen. Pokemon Go presents an intriguing glimpse of what a truly social AR or VR game could be.

Regulation Is Needed in the World of Social Gaming

Social gaming has taken the online world by storm. Millions of people devote some of their time to social gaming on a daily basis. There has been some concern involving some of the games that people are playing. A large number of social gaming platforms include games that contain an element of gambling in them. They might not be your typical casino games. However, people need to put money at risk for the opportunity to win money. Needless to say, it is very easy for people to get carried away and lose a lot of money playing games like this.

A recent panel called Responsible Gambling Innovation made a statement at the World Regulatory Briefing. They basically said that the regulation of social gaming is needed throughout the entire industry as a result of the many games where money can be gambled and lost. They were particularly concerned about the young people who are the most likely to play these games and lose money. The panel believes that regulation will help to prevent these young people from making the mistake of becoming addicted to these games.

The amount of money to be made in the social gaming industry is truly enormous. Caesars Palace recently sold a social gaming company they owned called Playtika. The sale price was well over $4 billion. The companies in this industry are making a killing without any regulation. It goes without saying that they will not be thrilled about the idea of a regulatory body looking over their shoulder. However, many people believe that the regulation of social gaming is the only way to keep the companies honest and protect vulnerable players. It does not appear as if regulation will be coming any time soon. Many legal hurdles will need to be cleared before that can happen.

How Gaming is Making People More Social

In the past, games have been about beating levels, improving your characters and essentially playing by yourself in order to achieve these goals. Now, games are all about socializing and making new friends. Games such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls have millions of players who all strive to involve themselves in a game where they can create a virtual life for themselves. The option of chatting, voice talk, and co-play offers players an outlet for their socialization, which is something that past games were not able to provide.

Many games allow their players to connect microphones to their computer jacks and actually speak to each other. Not only is this advantageous to quick game play, such as the dungeons you’ll find in World of Warcraft, but it allows people to have real conversations with others from all over the world. Teens who would normally struggle to socialize are finding this chat option to be beneficial to their social lives and well-being. The same theory applies to adults who may otherwise lead a rather socially-deprived life. Many players have claimed that some of the best friends they’ve ever had were found through online massive multiplayer games (source).

When socializing and chatting through games, it is crucial that you do so in a generalized manner. While it’s great to make friends and play together, there are many who use these online outlets as a way to steal information and identities. You should never share any personal information when playing games and just keep conversation light and playful. Making new friends and socializing is as easy as downloading a game, creating a character and opening up the chat window. You can do research to see what types of options are available through each game, such as a game that only offers text chat and another that allows microphone connection.