A Look At Investor Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor in multiple technology companies, as well as different firms in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Hagele also serves as outside counsel for different technology companies in the aerospace and internet industries.

Hagele previously worked at the offices of Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley. Hagele helps initiate different commercial agreements related to technology companies. Hagele also helps with corporate financing issues and M&A transactions. Hagele has also been involved in the licensing distribution, software, and hardware fields. Hagele received his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Iowa and his Juris Doctor Degree from The University of California at Berkeley.

Hagele is excited about the future of Artificial Intelligence. Hagele specifically cites the multiple applications that Artificial Intelligence provides. Hagele has worked with several non profit companies to help improve their funding. Hagele has used different algorithms to analyze patterns. The patterns help Hagele and the non profit companies figure out ways to reduce costs.

Michael Hagele believes that a major reason why he has been so successful is because of his tenacity. People have to stay resilient during tough times. Hagele believes that it is important for people to incorporate new information into their thought processes, as that could potentially lead to very rewarding outcomes.

On the topic of entrepreneurship, Hagele believes that entrepreneurs should focus on making sure that the customer is always their main priority. Any decisions should be made with the best interests of the customer in mind. Hagele also encourages entrepreneurs to stay in shape. Having a daily fitness routine can help people re-energize themselves. Hagele believes that a simple act such as walking around the block can give people more energy every day. Hagele is also in favor of businesses using social media to help expand their customer base. Hagele believes that social media allows businesses to have meaningful dialogue with their customers.

Hagele uses a mixture of Microsoft Office and various Google web products. Hagele is a fan of the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/


Health And Positivity Will Spread Thanks To US Health, HOPE And Troy McQuagge

At USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge is working hard to promote his new initiative, H.O.P.E., a program focused on Helping Other People Everyday. Promoting this program is one of Troy’s number one priorities as there are many people in need out there that deserve aid.

Spreading a little goodwill and paying it forward to help other people on a regular basis is a powerful way to change the community at large and create a more peaceful and positive environment for everyone and with any luck, this effect can spread all around the world with everyone’s help. H.O.P.E.’s very first project was to aid in the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, which left thousands of people without shelter or food.

There have been a few people who ask whether or not the H.O.P.E. program is just about making the USHEALTH Group look better and stand out to the public. Troy McQuagge US Health has made it clear that H.O.P.E. is the core of what USHEALTH stands for as a company. A small look into Troy’s past shows his efforts in philanthropy and his desire to help others, which is exactly what H.O.P.E. expands on.

Troy McQuagge also started up the H.O.P.E. Kids program as a part of H.O.P.E. that is dedicated to helping young kids that have disabilities or dieseases that are life-threatening. This part of the H.O.P.E. program was one of the fastest growing and successfully made a difference in many young kids lives. This also opened the doors for new opportunity for the USHEALTH Group and the H.O.P.E. program as it allowed for more growth and office locations. The farther USHEALTH Group’s reach becomes, the more Troy can create a better atmosphere for everyone to live in. Learn more at corporationwiki.com about Troy McQuagge US Health. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

Troy’s vision has also been centered around helping others through his company and his own ambition this vision is becoming even more of a reality with the help of H.O.P.E. THe company staff shares the same passion for helping others and stand behind the H.O.P.E. program equally. This initiative has also had a powerful effect all over the country, leading to many more corporations setting up their own philanthropic programs.

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Sahm Adrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale capital management

Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management from New York City. He founded the company in 2009. He is a holder of a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. Sahm has worked as an investment analyst in Longacre Fund Management and with investment Banking Groups like Chanin Capital Partners where he advised creditors, worked in its bankruptcy restructurings groups and also represented bank debtors, bankrupt companies, equity and bond committees. He also worked with Deutsche Bank and Leveraged Finance Investment Banking before founding Kerrisdale Capital management.

The firm focuses on the value of investments with its strategy on event-driven situations and long-term value investments. It creates promoters by interacting their activism investment ideas with the broader investment community. It got launched with less than $1 million but currently, manages $150 million as reported in July 2017. Roughly, it manages $500 million inclusive of the money it raised. The company has a history of gambling against firms and taking their circumstances publicly. Its latest activists include satellite company Globalstar, Zafgen and drug makers sage therapeutics. The firm’s principal hedge fund which gambles for and against company stocks have had an average return of roughly 28% for the past five years.

The company also does research publishing and short selling. Sahm Adrangi shares his views on stocks with overhyped and under-followed longs mostly misunderstood by markets. The firm pursues to correct misconstructions about essential business scenarios in companies. On biotechnology sector, the company has developed research on stage companies including Zafgen, unilife, Bavarian Nordic and Pulse biosciences. It has also published on the mining sector and investigated the prospects of mining and the market valuations of various kinds of minerals and other companies that offer resources. Publications on telecommunication area have also gotten published, where he shared his diverse views.

Mr.Sahm Adrangi has enthusiastically engaged with Lindsay corporation management in capital allocation and optimization. Sahm has addressed many sessions including the Value Investing Conference, the Sohn conference and Traders for cause.he has also featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, and Business Week. He has also appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC for dialogues.

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