How The OSI Group Has Made Cooking Into Art

What is a work of art? When people think of art, they typically think of paintings that have deep significance. They think of structures and architecture. One might think of a classical novel. These are typically what one regards as art. But art is more inclusive than just these traditional manifestations. Culinary studies can be regarded as a form of art. If a master chef develops a recipe with slight nuances that make his entree more delectable than any rivals, what is he? Is he a chemist? He may be that, but he is also an artist. This artistry is perhaps no better displayed than in the OSI Group.

Classically American

In the early years of the 20th century, the United States received an influx of immigrants who were looking for a new life and new opportunity. They heard that in the United States, they could achieve their dream, develop careers, and develop a future of prosperity for their families. That is the root of the OSI Group. It was founded by an immigrant from Germany who arrived in the United States in 1909. 40 years later, the OSI Group became the primary meat supplier to a little restaurant known as McDonalds. In the OSI Group, one can see a precise picture of the American Dream. There was an immigrant who knew that through hard work and creativity, he could yield success in the United States.

Forbes Listing

After over a century of meat manufacturing, where is the OSI group today? What are they doing? Well, in 2011, Forbes listed the OSI group as the 136th largest private company. Their annual revenue far exceeds what their original founder ever dreamed of. The immigrant from Germany probably hoped for nothing more than to feed his family. But today, his memory lives on. His success and artistry outlive him in a way that he never conceived of.

Acquisition of Baho Food

Sometimes when you go to the grocery store, you find that the food you buy is not as good as if you went to a restaurant. But that is not the case with the food that the OSI Group manufacturers. In August of 2016, the OSI Group acquired Baho Food. They are responsible for producing food for retailers and restaurants. With this acquisition, dining enthusiasts have expected that the quality of food to increase precipitously.

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Global Impact

Today, the OSI reaches restaurants across the world, supplying meat products in more than 60 countries.

All of this success was yielded by one immigrant’s creativity and artistry. He developed a product that would be enhanced throughout the decades and would reach the entire world. The story of the OSI Group is a story of prosperity in the United States. It is a story of the American Dream coming into fruition.

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