Greg Secker – an Enthusiast in Financial Trading

On 15th March 2017, IdeaMensch documented an interview with Greg Secker who is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an international motivational speaker. Greg explained that while trading in the asset management bank in the UK, he saw an opportunity in teaching people on trade investments. He hoped that the opportunity would inspire him.

Greg wanted to motivate people by sharing the ideas and tools for making money. He says that these are the same tools and ideas that had allowed him to make enough money. His business ideas were not well represented in the market, so he set up a trader coaching business which was the first of its kind in the UK. Those that attended the program were more successful in investment trading. This motivated Greg to build a business model, which has now been replicated.

Being an entrepreneur has given Greg Secker the freedom to work from home. He is, however, overstretched among the many companies his group has. He travels when he has to give a motivational speaking. Greg acknowledges that he spends 70% of his time building networks and making connections to his business.

Greg posits that pre-visioning of what you want to do is important since you give your brain an opportunity to imagine and before you bring the ideas into reality. This allows you not to make mistakes. You can also share out the ideas.

Transformations brought by technology excites Greg since it brings freedom of choice, competition, and a collaborative economy. He says that technology can learn people behaviors and auto suggests products and interests, therefore, making people more informed investors. He further insists that an entrepreneur should set aside time to think since you cannot think and work at the same time.

About Greg Secker

Greg owns a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Nottingham. He is an English entrepreneur and an expert in foreign exchange. He is also the founder of Knowledge to Action Group of companies which include: Greg Secker Foundation, FX Capital, Learn to Trade, Smart Charts, Capital Index and Global success summits.

Finance trading is the business that Greg prides in with his interests ranging from technology to innovation. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation that is aimed at improving people’s welfare around the world.