Greg Secker Nurturing Future Financial Traders

Greg Secker is an exceptional businessman who has managed to passionately build a vast business empire consisting of many companies operating under Knowledge to Action Group. The companies include SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, Capital Index as well as the Greg Secker foundation, a charity organization dedicated to changing the lives of the less fortunate in the society. Mr. Greg asserts that his decision to venture into his line of business was largely driven by the a market gap that he felt needed to be filled and the urge to do something more exciting rather than spending most of his time behind trading screens. Based on these factors and armed with extensive knowledge on forex trading, Greg decided to set up a forex coaching business, where he impacted people with knowledge in financial trading. Over the years, the business has expanded to earn Greg Secker a slot in the list of iconic entrepreneurs.

Born in February 1975, Greg Secker is a business leader who has embraced flexible working schedules. Mostly, he runs his companies from the comfort of his home. In one of his interviews, Greg noted that the art of giving himself enough time to think is what make him more productive in his business endeavors.

Greg Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial services, then he moved to Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), an online financial trading platform that updated clients with latest information on forex transactions. His role as the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation marked the end of Greg’s involvement in active employment. After leaving the company, he plunged into private business where he established a trading floor at his residence. He later founded Learn to Trade, a company that has received immense accolade for holding very fruitful seminars and workshops on financial trading. Learn to Trade has earned numerous highly prized awards and prizes.

Greg Secker is widely recognized for his cutting-edge speaking skills on trading issues. He has been invited to speak in international events and he is a frequent guest speaker in Bloomberg and CNBC channels. Secker is also involved in many philanthropic activities geared towards improving life standards of communities.