The Career Accomplishments of Vincent Parascandola in the Finance Sector

AXA Advisors LLC is a renowned agency that has majored in the retail distribution of products and services that are offered by the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The main offices of the firm are located in New York City, and it is regarded as a leading financial security enterprise. The business is also a top supplier of life insurance and allowance coverage. AXA Advisors currently has a network of approximately 6,000 finance professionals whose expertise is in offering plans and products for retirement, investments, estate planning, asset allocation, coverage, and business to assist customers as they address their financial needs. AXA Equitable is owned by the AXA Financial Inc., which is one of the major units of the AXA Group. The AXA Group operates internationally, and its primary focus is the management of wealth and financial insurance strategies.

Vincent Parascandola works at the AXA Advisors as its Senior Executive Vice President. His responsibilities included management establishment, staffing, productivity, and retentions. He also coached new and experienced financial experts at the firm. Parascandola has been in the finance sector for approximately 25 years. He started his profession in 1987 by serving Prudential as one of its agents. Vincent was a hard-working individual and was named as the National Rockie of the year.

Parascandola then moved to the MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 and was served as a local and regional field administrator. In 2004, he got a job at the AXA Advisor. He was appointed as the president of The Advantage Group, which is owned by the AXA Equitable. The primary function of the unit was to draw seasoned financial specialists. He also served as a co-manager at the enterprise’s New York Metro Branch, which had employed about 400 finance professionals.

The finance specialist has excellent leadership skill. His competence has been acknowledged through a couple of management awards such as the Master Agency Awards and the Career Development, which is sponsored by GAMA. He is a highly respected public speaker and has been featured in various seminars. Vincent once served as the chair of the Field Officers Committee of LIMRA.