Lime Crime: A Company Created For Bold Women


Doe Deere, a female entrepreneur and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is far more than a model of her own make up. She is a strong business woman who has created a brand that inspires her customers to be themselves and expose their inner beauty. Deere was recently interviewed by Galore Magazine, where she offered up more insight on being an entrepreneur and the positive vision of her company.

Deere grew up as an artistic and imaginative child in New York. She had a true passion for color as a child and was able to turn that into a long-term career. While Lime Crime currently focuses on makeup, Deere hopes to expand that soon into other products and ideas.

Deere first found her love for makeup at the age of nine, during a slumber party with friends. While playing dress-up, Deere was inspired to put on colorful makeup to match her costume, which then led her to find the experience to be more authentic. Deere does admit that her makeup skills left much to be desired until she was in her 20s, but to her, the purpose behind makeup was to express yourself, not to have perfect lines.

With her experimentation with colors, Deere’s online following exploded on her website with traffic sky-rocketing as girls flocked to her site to check out her new ideas. This led to the basis of her brand, which is experimentation, self-expression, and fun.

Deere came up with the name of her brand in 2004, when she needed a name for her eBay store. Her favorite color is Lime, and came up with the word “Crime” to rhyme with it. Lime Crime was then born, and twelve years later, the name represents a color revolution and the idea of breaking society’s ideal beauty rules.

Deere believes having an internet based company has both its advantages and challenges. She loves the ability to receive immediate feedback online, as she prides herself on being a brand that is very connected to her customers. When faced with challenges stemming from having an online business, Deere learns to grow and improve her business from any hurdles, and finds these challenges to be a part of her entrepreneurial journey.

Doe Deere feels so close to her Lime Crime customers that she refers to them as her “unicorns” on Tumblr. To Deere, this represents people who are proud that they were born different. She believes it takes a special person to be able to wear her colors of makeup with pride.

Doe Deere feels great to be recognized as such a successful entrepreneur. She hopes to one day be a positive role model for other females who are looking to start their own business.  Shop Lime Crime on popular websites like Glambot, or find them at an Urban Outfitters near you.


Chris Burch Provides A Creative Side to the Entrepreneur Industry

Just like the technology industry, the fashion industry has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. These two industries do have one thing in common: They tend to grow and change together.

In the past, technology has grown with the popularity of what a person considers fashionable. In the 70s, the boom box was not only a technological advance but also a fashion statement. In the 80s, they were added to movies which increased the popularity. In the 90s, a personal experience came about with the Walkman. Later still, the experience changed again with the iPod. As the technology changed, the popularity of the products became more and more fashionable.

Fashion designers, by definition, crave giving consumers what the desire. Technology can help them do that. People find innovation and functionality fashionable. Fashion can advance through technology.

Fashion can even protect us. It’s not necessarily fashion to wear bike protection, for instance, but fashion designers can create fashion that has a job. The Airbag for Cyclists, which is an airbag that pops out of neckwear to protect the head, or Frontline Gloves, that allow information to be sent between firefighters, are just a few examples.

Glasses haven’t exactly had a great fashion reputation until very recently. Technology was helped by fashion, as some designers use them as a trend, allowing more people to accept them as a fashion statement.

Fashion can be created by recycled materials, killing two birds with one stone: Creating fashion and helping the environment. Fashion and technology can also be used together to create energy. New clothing can capture the kinetic energy to power things.

These views are shared by Christopher Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. As an entrepreneur, he has a vision for market opportunities, imagination and creativity helps create businesses that have a positive, lasting impact on their consumers’ lives.

He has over 40 years of experience in the industry and has been a part of the growth of over 50 companies. Burch Creative Capital’s portfolio includes the likes of Poppin, Cocoon9, Voss Water and ED by Ellen Degeneres.

Burch’s company is currently undergoing the support of developing consumer product brands from retail to apparel and home furnishings.

Visit Chris Burch’s website to learn more.