ESCand Game Theatre

Malls are currently competing with ecommerce business offering online shopping alternatives to customers at the comfort of their homes; this means that few customers actually see the need to go out and shop in the malls, resulting in revenue dips for malls. Well, a video gaming company might just turn out to be their savior. ESC Games (, founded two years ago has introduced a new gaming concept that will have shoppers thronging to malls to enjoy a unique social gaming experience- The Theatre.

The Theatre

The Theatre is a new gaming concept that features an 11’’ by 30’’ screen (same size as an actual theatre screen) that allows teams, groups or individual game loving shoppers to play video games, in one massive screen, simultaneously. The platform even comes with touch screen control options and all attendant sound and game lights. To add spice to the whole experience, an on -site emcee is there to offer running live commentary as the games continue. To give their theatre a realistic feel, ESC partnered and got ideas from event management companies that have done events such as Olympic and Halftime shows at the Super Bowl to ensure their games start with the same pomp.


The platform has been made suitable for teams or groups wishing to engage each other in tournament type of play, thus, you can have say, your own version of champions league football, with all matches playing in one screen, how more social can social gaming get than that? ESC currently has a Game Theatre in New Jersey in partnership with Westfield Corporation, at their partners Paramus State Plaza mall. Mall owners, this might be that unique marketing concept you all have been waiting for.