Focus on Ubuntu Education Fund Targeting No-Strings Attached Funding and Andrew Rolfe

After getting significant donations of money and giving speeches at glamorous events like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ubuntu Education Fund’s CEO and founder, Jacob Lief realized something. Jacob states that he realized that all of this was just not making sense at all as the fund was getting a lot of money but they were not changing the lives of people. Ubuntu Education Fund takes care of at risk children based in the Port Elizabeth area of Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. Mr. Lief changed his strategy and began saying no to any donors whose grants were followed up with certain restrictions on how the money was to be spent. He focused his energy to finding better ways to offer support to the children who were the main reason why the charity was set up.


New Strategy


Jacob Lief revealed that the Ubuntu Education Fund targets family foundations or wealthy individuals who know that restricted funding is no longer their cup of tea. He added that currently, the education fund has a smaller budget but it has managed to achieve more than before. The organization uses the “Ubuntu Model” that favors working closely with the communities and families to come up with individual plans for every child to offer them the education, health and stability they require to escape from poverty. For such non-profits it’s a challenge finding donors who offer help without any strings attached. A lot of donors try to get personally involved in an organisation’s running and strategy thereby causing friction.


About Andrew Rolfe


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund’s board of directors. He is part of a larger mission that sees to it that donations are given without any restrictions. Andrew Rolfe has volunteered his time to ensuring that vulnerable children in South Africa get to access the education they ought to have. Andrew Rolfe helps in running the education fund that offers funding to several programs and schools in South Africa that support children. Andrew Rolfe and other compatriots at Ubuntu Education Fund believe that vulnerable children stand to benefit more when they get education without worrying how or who is funding it.