Norman Pattiz, The Podcast Promoter

Norman Pattiz is the current Executive Chairman and the sole founder of the PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz is renowned all over America for his skills in the era of money-making media. Norman has over 40 years of experience in the radio syndication business. Norman Pattiz owns multiple companies in the U.S. Westwood One is also founded by Norman and under his guidance and vision, it became the largest American provider of sports, news, and entertainment. All of the major news channels have their own personal radio networks. These radio networks are controlled by Westwood One.



Norman Pattiz has also served as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. This board has their eyes on all of the U.S nonmilitary radio broadcasting services such as The Voice of America or Radio Liberty. Norman has also been blessed to be a part of the National Radio Hall of Fame back in 2009. Norman has also received the award for being one of the Giants of Broadcasting from the American Government.



Norman Pattiz was once asked that when did the idea of the podcast struck him? Norman told the person who was interviewing him that after he had left Westwood One, he was introduced to Kit Gray who was at the moment representing other podcasts and working on his apartment in Marina Del Ray. It took Norman 4 years to start in the podcast business, and Norman does not regret what he went through to get this business started because he has become one of the best podcast promoters ever.



In 2016, Edison Research Center conducted three studies on behalf of the Podcast One. These podcasts were advertising for five international brands. 2 of these brands were successful while the other three were just starting to make out in this business. Norman Pattiz has mentioned in an interview that his focus has always been to freely verify the podcast format which provides enhanced impact on to the brand because of its advertising formats. The results of these enhancements further validate the approach to integrate advertising and measurement of it.



The Vice-President of Edison Research appreciates the opportunity to work with Podcast One to freely measure the podcast advertising because he knew that Norman is the only one who can advertise properly using his podcast. Tom Webster is not just the Vice-President but is also the Vice-President of Strategy in Edison Research Center. Tom believes that the podcast methods allowed him to study the audience during the campaign and helped him to understand the strategy to advertise properly.

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