Betsy DeVos: The Education Leader That America Needs

Betsy DeVos is a woman rallying for change in America. She has made a tremendous contribution to movements that are working for change in the American education system. Education is something that DeVos has always cared about immensely and has now become one of the focuses in her life that she regards as her top priority. Right from working towards the upliftment and improvement of schools, to helping underprivileged and deserving children, DeVos has been a beacon of hope for the education system in America. Even though she has cared about education since the start of her professional career, she now can create an impact on the system on a much larger scale, as the Education Minister for the United States of America.

DeVos was the Republican Party candidate for the education minister and came into power after one of the most record breaking vote sessions in American History. For the first time, the House of voters was equally divided among the top two candidates, which called for an additional tie-breaker vote, which elected DeVos to the post. Since her election, DeVos has put together some of the biggest plans for reform that the system has ever seen. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

DeVos has been an active supporter of numerous school movements for the benefit of society. She is someone who views education as one of the most important aspects that contribute to the development of the American Society. She believes that the education system needs revamping, and has made tremendous efforts to improve the current workings. One of the main things that DeVos lobbied for was the School Charter Movement. She was at the forefront of this movement, which wanted to give individual entrepreneurs and business owners a chance to invest in schools and educational institutions. With a view to offering a higher academic level to the students attending, Betsy DeVos saw this as one of the primary objectives that were needed to uplift the system.

She is also an incredibly important philanthropy who has made numerous efforts to help students get a better quality of education. She established the DeVos Family Foundation, with a view to helping her in her efforts. The Foundation offered aid to people and communities in need in a variety of areas. Education was one of the most important aspects of the organization that DeVos focused on and established the Education Freedom Fund to aid her efforts. The fund was implemented with the sole purpose of offering scholarships to students who are in need of better educational facilities. These scholarships are given to children so that they can go to school at a private institution that caters more to the growth and development of their skills. Visit to know more about Betsy.