Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu’s New Fundraising Strategy

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a well-known charity that helps impoverished children in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. According to chairman Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu has had to rethink its fundraising strategy. In the past, board members would visit high-profile events, such as the World Economic Forum, in order to raise money. However, Andrew Rolfe and the organization’s leadership soon become frustrated with the limitations that donors often placed on funds. As a result, Ubuntu has shifted its focus to wealthy individuals and family foundations, which are more likely to approve funding without strings attached.


Ubuntu’s new strategy is part of an overall trend in greater selectivity on the part of charities. Gone are the days when charities indiscriminately chased financial backing. Charities understand more and more that money that is earmarked for certain purposes can do more harm than good. The most important thing is for charities and potential donors to be up front about their intentions. In this kind of matchmaking process, charities can focus on identifying the donors who will allow them to innovate and improve their efficiency. Although there have been several high-profile cases of court cases and conflicts over the years, for the most part disagreements between donors and charities is rare.


Andrew Rolfe is a private equity fund manager who heads up Ubuntu’s Board of Directors. He is a firm believer in Ubuntu’s mission and takes great pride in the charity’s work. Thanks to Andrew Rolfe’s leadership, thousands of children in South Africa’s poorest townships now enjoy a vastly improved quality of life and have access to basic services.


With Andrew Rolfe at the Top of Ubuntu Education Fund, Better Future For the Beneficiaries is Guaranteed

Many donors who support non-profit organizations do so with restrictions and conditions on how the money should be spent. Some donors go to the extent of ascertaining the programs that should benefit from their donations. This moves restrict the funds from reaching the targeted groups and, hence they don’t get the help that they much require. Such donors include Peter Lewis, who protested on how his donation was being utilized and Frank Gehry, whose will was even challenged in a court to change his specifications. According to Patrick Boggon, Tarnside Consulting Director, donors who offer professional advice could be allowed to interfere with their donations since it benefits the non-profit organizations. He warns, however, that it could build up tension due to continued interactions.


Better Strategy


CEO Jacob Lief of the revered Ubuntu Education Fund put a stop to these kinds of donations recently after bouncing into that realization. He noted that it made no sense that the organization was getting money but it was not changing lives. Jacob Leif took a different strategy finding the best ways that the firm could adopt to ensure that the targeted children get the help they need. They adopted a model dubbed the Ubuntu Model, which ensures that the families of these children are involved in the planning. This ensures that each child gets a personalized plan for education, health, and stability. This strategy kicks out poverty completely.


About Ubuntu Education Fund


Ubuntu Education Fund provides support to orphaned and vulnerable children who reside in the suburbs of Port Elizabeth, South Africa on a non-profit basis. The firm focuses on education, health, and stability of these children in a bid to eradicate poverty from their lives.


Andrew Rolfe has been chairing the board of directors at the Ubuntu Education Fund for more than ten years. Andrew Rolfe has continually used his position to ensure that the organization takes donations that are free from the benefactor’s control under strict supervision. Andrew Rolfe’s efforts manifest his dedication in ensuring that these children have access to whatever they deserve. With his great leadership skills, Andrew Rolfe has been able to steer Ubuntu fund into achieving the ultimate goal.