Social Gaming Next Big Thing for Developers

The advent of social gaming could be traced back to the first MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), especially World of Warcraft, which was so popular at one time it was the subject of satire by shows like South Park. The idea is not so surprising. Before video, board and card games were usually based around the principle of getting together with friends and having fun. The conversation and interaction were all part of the enjoyment of the game. This is the next level.


THis trend really seems to be sparking in the video gaming industry. While games like “Words with Friends” and the card-based game from Warcraft called “Hearthstone” have been pitting real people against each other in competition for years on mobile apps, that trend is now expanding to the big players in the gaming industry, like Activision and Bioware.


These companies are often known for their deep stories and action-filled game play. Now, they are adding in the element of social gaming. Activision released “Destiny” to pretty good reviews and great financial success just a few years ago, and its sequel is already on the way. Bioware, owned by industry giant Electronic Arts and known for its intricate story lines and well-developed characters, has introduced its now offering in this area, “Anthem”.


A lot of details have emerged on this new Bioware IP at the recent E3 2017 convention in Los Angeles. You can see the trailer and game play right here. It already is drawing huge reactions from gamers, and the posted demo shows how you will need to team up and communicate with real friends to go on many of the game’s adventures.


And that is one of the things that really draws companies to the social gaming platform. You have players encouraging their friends to play as well, increasing your customer base. Yet, while this style of play is often very fun, intricate stories are hard to develop. The future will tell if this current trend actually becomes a success.