O2Pur – The Leading E-Liquid Provider

The merger of well-known cigarette companies around the globe is still currently going on. Although the tobacco giant corporations maintain a close business tie with each other, the acquisition and merger of the said organizations can bring around a full portfolio of alternative cigarettes that are sought-after within the market.

To illustrate the ongoing within the industry, British American Tobacco is still making final negotiations for the purchase of Reynolds American. While the deal is still underway British American Tobacco has already a forty-two percent outlay in Reynolds American due to the latter’s famous devices for electronic cigarettes.

As for Philip Morris International, the company still maintains business ties with Altria – its former parent company, and together they forge business deals to market electronic cigarette products using the Marlboro brand name. There is speculation that Philip Morris International would be acquiring Altria or vice versa, but that remains to be seen.

When British American Tobacco has finally acquired Reynolds American, it will become the most prominent and leading company of tobacco leaving Philip Morris International in second place. Although BAT already has prevailing cigarette alternatives being retailed in the market, it still anticipates the HNB technology or the heat-not-burn since it foresees this as the next significant development in the electronic cigarette or e-cig industry.

A pioneer in the e-cigarette industry, Reynolds American purchased blu eCig in 2012 for $135 million and made it into one of the leading brands within the market which attained around 50% customer share. To prevent anti-competitive disputes, Reynolds American sold eCig to Imperial Tobacco when it procured Lorillard.

Another leading player in the cigarette industry is Philip Morris International who introduced its iQOS device that is rechargeable and has a following in the market.

Another e-cig player to keep an eye out for is O2Pur. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a trusted brand since 2013. Its products are made from nicotine salts that are fast acting and better tasting. The products of O2Pur prepared and bottled in the United States. O2Pur aims to provide explosive flavors that would not only produce excellent results but would be worth the money of customers in terms of prices in comparison to other providers of e-liquid in the industry.