Cyberbullying May Be Reduced By Online Games

One of the results of the rise of the Internet is the fact that we now have some new words that did not exist before the Internet. One of those words is “cyberbullying”. It is bullying that occurs over the Internet and can real world impacts that are just as serious as in-person bullying.


Young people by in large recognize cyberbullying as a serious issue. The Huffington Post reports that when polled teenagers said that cyberbullying is a serious issue by a 68-32% margin. At the same time, young people are the most likely to use the Internet and the most likely to be victims of cyberbullying. Therefore we must look at ways in which this problem can be reduced.


Online games are one thing that may provide some relief from cyberbullying. It is probably not the first thing that comes to mind given that online games are often demonized as a place where a lot of this bullying occurs, but that does not have to be the case.


Game developers have to be on the ball in order to make sure that cyberbullying does not run rampant on their games. They can start by implementing very strong chat filters that weed out anyone who is bullying others. They should keep these filters up to date given that young people are always looking for ways around these types of things.


Moderators who sit on the games and keep an eye on everything that is going on is another good idea. These moderators can be paid individuals who keep an eye out for bullying or even just very trusted members who have been around the game for a very long time and have proven themselves to be worth of trust.


Parents play another important role in keeping cyberbullying to a minimum. First, they should ask for access to their children’s accounts at all times. They are not getting this access just to snoop on the account but rather to make sure that everything remains safe. Also, the parents should talk to their children about what cyberbullying is and how they can deal with it. A child who has all of the proper tools can usually avoid too many problems.