Social Gaming Can Prevent Cyber-Bullying

It’s no secret that people spend a considerable amount of their time online these days. However, it’s also true that cyber-bullying is on the rise. Fortunately, there are some ways that online gaming can significantly reduce cyber-bullying.


Content Filtering System


Kids are especially creative these days, and will often find a way to get around chat filters and send harassing messages to others. That’s why game developers have to stay aware of the latest filtering technology and chat analyses to make sure that chat rooms are not filled with cyber-bullying and threats. Community Sift is a great tool that can be integrated into gaming systems that will make a significant difference when it comes to reducing cyber-bullying.


Interaction Monitors


Video game companies can also hire in-game moderators to monitor the interactions of the players. These moderators help to prevent bullying. For instance, in Animal Jam, a prominent social network for kids, players have given new meanings to certain words (i.e. “scalloped” is the new word for “scammed.”) This can make it difficult to filter the chat. It’s also important to note that visual content is even hard to detect when there is automation.


Clark Stacey, CEO of WildWorks, the creator Animal Jam. shares that content is reviewed by human moderators. The moderators make sure that the inappropriate content never makes its way to the game.


Parental Access


Developers have to treat parents like partners when getting rid of online bullies. This is very important, because kids are unlikely to tell their parents when they are being bullied. Parent dashboards for games, email updates and customer support are among the solutions that will assist parents in monitoring their child’s online activity.


Have the Conversation


One of the most important bullying prevention tools is to communicate with players. Game developers should clarify the behavior that is acceptable while playing the game. Clear regulations should be stated, as well as the consequences for players who violate policies.


Online bullying will likely be here to stay, unfortunately. However, game developers and companies can significantly reduce bullying by using technology and human moderators to ensure that kids are safe while online.