Lime Crime Moves Into the Global Market

Lime Crime has always had a policy of no animal testing. As a vegan company that is devoted to providing quality products to the public in a humane manner, they ran into a hiccup when trying to interface with China markets. Transportation was another issue they faced regarding taxes and duties. Not only was it costly, but time-consuming as well.

Trying to get the product to the Chinese market was going to be a real struggle. LIME CRIME had to find another way through the situation. It needed help in order to be able to continue pushing forward. Kim Walls, the person in charge of the global market for LIME CRIME knew that a partner was needed. It would have to be a company that had prior experience in the field as well. That would be the key to success for any company that was breaking into the market.

The situation was resolved shortly after that realization was reached through a partnership with a Los Angeles based company who solved the issue. Social media online helped the company further by special promotions to the brand’s existing fans. The campaign was a smashing success. Bonus promotions for sharing coupled with incredible offers for free samples were the catalyst that helped the company not only extend to the Chinese market, but flourish as well. It was a successful campaign.

Orders were now coming in the way any business owner would dream of. It was a good line of business that has allowed LIME CRIME to become a major player in the world of cosmetics. Vegan products are in demand today more than ever before. According to market spectators, LIME CRIME has a market now that should be successful beyond their wildest dreams.

The future for LIME CRIME is one that looks bright. Fans of the company love the vegan products that have been so loyal to the vegan position that they spent above and beyond what most companies would. That shows the kind of dedication that people admire. LIME CRIME should be moving forward in the future to make advances for a brighter future for those internationally that can’t get enough of the brand’s product.

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