Ted Bauman Relishes in the Connection With His Readers

Ted Bauman has been a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 where he works as the editor of several recurring articles including the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. There he touches on a number of financial topics but specializes in low-risk investments, international migration, and asset protection. Throughout his life, Ted Bauman has been dedicated to connecting people with the necessary resources to lead a life rife with financial independence. Although he was born in Washington D.C. and raised on the nearby eastern shore of Maryland, he relocated to South Africa during his early adulthood, where he attended The University of Cape Town for postgraduate studies, eventually earning degrees in History and Economics. He would go on to spend 25 years of his career in South Africa, serving in a number of roles regarding the non-profit sector. Learn  more on crunchbase.com about Ted Bauman.

On a typical day, after taking his daughter to school, Ted Bauman immediately begins work at his home office. Finding that the morning is the most productive time of the day for him, he adheres to a strict schedule regarding this time period, making to sure to avoid distractions. At times, his workday can begin as early as 5:00 am, ending at 5:00 pm each day. Beginning work early in the morning allows him to tackle the most difficult parts of his day immediately, as it is imperative that he utilize time management to the best of his ability for maximum efficiency. As a writer, Ted Bauman believes that, in order to bring his ideas to life, he must utilize his writing skills to the best of his ability, particularly when covering banal topics that might cause the reader to lose interest quickly. Because his connection with the readers of his columns is so important to the success of the message that he is delivering, he tends to pay close attention to rising trends amongst his audience. A trend that really excites him is the fact that his readers are becoming increasingly aware of the policies implemented by world governments that have affected the economic infrastructure. He believes that the trends associated with the free capital movement are revealing a number of contradictions, and although he has never championed government regulation, he does find it exciting that ordinary people are discovering these contradictions and calling them into question. For more info, visit:https://stocktwits.com/tedbauman